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Compiled by I.A. Watson

Note: This page contains some plot spoilers and is best read after the Blackthorn stories

In legendary times:
Humans from old Earth-that-was terraform and settle on Mars
A terrible war ends all life on Earth and shatters the peace on Mars
A lengthy civil war causes the downfall of the Ancients

In pre-history:
The chaos times cause the slow decline of Mars; much technology is lost

At the dawn of history:
The four First Men rediscover the technology of the Ancients and become sorcerers
The First Men war with each other without remorse or limit; the Great Burn devastates Mars
The First Men agree to rules of engagement at the first Accord of the Crystal Dome
The Domains of the First Men are set

Approximately 800 years ago:
Princess Aria of Mars is born and smuggled to the Dome of the Crystal Lady
Eight-year-old Aria is brought to Daedalia’s City of Joy
The fall of old Daedalia. The Black Sorcerer claims infant Aria.
Aria enters her first long sleep in the Rainbow Waters

Approximately 750 years ago:
Apparent destruction of the Bards of Isidia

Approximately 170 years ago:
Newly-adult Aria and her maid Coda encounter the Runner rebels and things go bad
The Black Sorcerer finds the technology that lets him pull people’s minds from the past

In “Dynasty of Mars - Part One”:
Aria comes out of the Rainbow Waters hibernation again
Aria journeys to the ruins of Daedalia and has her vision of various rebels etc.

In "Bastion of the Black Sorcerer" and “Dynasty of Mars – Part Two”:
Coming of Blackthorn, Aria leaves with him, start of the rebellion
Blackthorn meets with Oglok and splits with Yuen and Morningstar
The battle of Anx, where the Black Sorcerer has to retreat
Elder Ardin and the forest villagers sign up
Blackthorn hooks up with Reith and the Runners

In “Dynasty of Mars – Part Three”:
Blackthorn in Lord Ruin's combat arena in Hades, takes out Bloodmaster Bale

In "Cradle of Atlantis" and “Dynasty of Mars – Part Three”:
Aria is reunited with Morningstar to the hunt for the Voice of God
The Nots become the Sleeping Army

In “The Minefields of Malador”:
Blackthorn crosses the Warfields, meets D’iurk Crefarn, and discovers “the Light”

In “Into the Canyon of Night”:
Blackthorn and his companions suffer memory loss in a plot involving the Sorcerer of Night

In “Dynasty of Mars – Part Three”:
Blackthorn sails the Amazonis Sea to the Isle of Albus
First meeting with Captain Korzan (not yet chronicled but seems not to have gone well at first)
Mystery meeting with Father De'Bias
Blackthorn enter the realm of the Lord of Night to encounter his Brides

In "City of Relics":
Blackthorn meets the Eternal Light of Secura Prevunda

In “Dynasty of Mars – Part Three”:
Blackthorn ventures into the Forges of Cryse
Oglok acquires his chimera-horse-thing
Aria’s "alliance" with Morningstar
Blackthorn captures and destroys the forges of Cryse

In "Indistinguishable from Magic"
Blackthorn, Aria, and Oglok encounter the wizard Valeron

In “Shamblers of Mars”
Blackthorn visits the rogue city of Blackmarkt

In "Quest for the Eye"
Bothar and Tumblos present the Eye of Tecafu

In “Spires of Mars”:
Blackthorn encounters Lord Throg and his family
Blackthorn travels the Deadlands, Tyrhennia, and Elysium
Blackthorn’s second meeting with the pirate Korzan
Blackthorn visits Phoenix Landing
The secret of the Harmony Spires is revealed

In “Dynasty of Mars – Prologue”:
Blackthorn finds Father De’bias again and meets Adept Anselm

In “Red Planet Blues”:
Blackthorn calls a council of war at the ruins of the Isidic Bard-Hall

In “Dynasty of Mars –Epilogue”:
Adept Anselm meets Meleti Manysongs


Text copyright © 2012 reserved by Ian Watson. Key characters and concepts from the Blackthorn works of Van Allen Plexico copyright © 2012 by him. The right of Ian Watson to be identified as the author of this work has been asserted by him in accordance with the UK Copyright, Designs & Patents Act 1988. All rights reserved.

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