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A young man desperate to save his sister from the raiders who kidnapped her to slavery – an ancient undead released after half a millennium – four sorcerous First Men who will kill half a world to keep their darkest secret – and three champions who will stand for Mars against horror and tyranny – or die trying!

Award-winning author I.A Watson’s online novel set in the futuristic Martian world of Van Allen Plexico’s BLACKTHORN offers readers a serial adventure in the tradition of old-time pulps, showcasing the vibrant characters and lush settings of this popular and successful series.

Join Earth General John Blackthorn, Aria, Princess of Mars, Oglok the Mock-Man and an ever-expanding cast of rebels, monsters, magicians, and villains as the mystery of the ancient Harmony Spires is explored. Following on from BLACKTHORN: THUNDER ON MARS and BLACKTHORN: DYNASTY OF MARS, this stand-alone full-length serial novel offers a glimpse of a future where magic and technology are one and humanity must face its ultimate challenge.

“This serial adventure gives readers everything they could ask for,” says White Rocket Books Publisher Van Allen Plexico. “An award-winning character, written by an award-winning writer—and set in the fantastic world of post-apocalyptic Mars. It’s an absolute grand slam!”

Image by Adam Diller


Chapter One: A Night in the Deadfields
A desperate young man must cross the wasteland where everything dies – but nothing stays dead!

Chapter Two: Hunters in a Blighted Land
Who are General Blackthorn and his companions? What compels Tybald tan Throg on his dangerous adventure? And what lies in the depths of the Deadfields?

Chapter Three: Guardians of the Shadow-Door
Eight people dead in under a minute and a ninth one vanished into a long-sealed cellar! Call John Blackthorn!

Chapter Four: The Tomb of Incantrus Veil
A lethal undead knotted from the souls of twelve murdered wizards lies in wait for Blackthorn and his team.

Chapter Five: Pit of the Damned
Our sundered heroes struggle against overwhelming odds and Princess Aria discusses philosophy with the damned.

Chapter Six: Gold Coins for the Virgin
Blackthorn trails Ysilde nim Loret across Deadfields and desert to a wicked slaver city - and goes for a drink!

Chapter Seven: The House of Abu Mansoor
Princess Aria in the slaver's den! Oglok the Mock Man versus two golem-robots of war! John Blackthorn discovers a little prank from the Lord of Fatal Laughter! And Ysilde nim Loret's fate revealed!

Chapter Eight: The Echo of the Bards
Eight hundred years ago the Bards of Isidia were destroyed for their resistance against the First Men; but is that defiance gone, or will it take new life when our heroes visit the ruined Bard-Hall and fight for their lives?

Chapter Nine: The Cloisters of Silence
The Sisterhood of Silence prepare kindapped Ysilde nim Loret for the Sorcerer of Night's purposes. She has one hope left - but it's not Blackthorn, Aria,. Oglok or her brother!

Chapter Ten: Domain of Night
Blackthorn must enter the Hammer Horror-style land of the Sorcerer of Night, where the superstitious peasants hide after dark and it is a capital offence not to pay the Blood Tax!

Chapter Eleven: Devotions of Death
The plan hits a Serious Complication, Oglok tries to pilot a gargoyle, and there are worse things than three Brides of Night.

Chapter Twelve: The War of Night and Day
Aria and Tybald are outnumbered and outgunned! Ysilde is alone in the clutches of the Sorcerer if Night! Blackthorn facest his darkest moment - and dies!

Chapter Thirteen: Pirates of the Amazonis
Searching for a marauder stronghold on a storm-tossed sea, Blackthorn faces treachery from the ship's crew that transport him - and from one of his own!

Chapter Fourteen: Lure of the Siren
Blackthorn in the pirate stronghold of Tortugos! But he's not the scariest thing to visit the floating city...

Chapter Fifteen: Tide of the Ghost Fleet
The Sorcerer of Night's undead navy comes to Tortugos and eight thousand souls must die.

Chapter Sixteen: Tortugos' Last Stand
Blackthorn gives proper notice under the Articles of War and the Ghost Fleet invades anyway.

Chapter Seventeen: Depths of the Kraken
The Sorcerer of Night cheats and goes for overkill, and our heroes have to cheat back.

Chapter Eighteen: Hunting Olssun
Our regular cast take an episode off whilst we catch up with other characters' investigations half a world away.

Chapter Nineteen: Welcome to Phoenix Landing
Bad men wish that they'd never ambushed General Blackthorn and Colonel Morningstar makes his preparations for a much better trap.

Chapter Twenty: The Trojan Goat
Blackthorn goes after not one but two major crimelords - with nothing but a particularly strong cheese to help him!

Chapter Twenty-One: The Last Testimony of Lars Olssen
The man behind Ysilde's kidnapping finally confesses everything, and then everyone wishes that he hadn't.

Chapter Twenty-Two: Truth and Consequences
Blackthorn faces Morningstar's death trap and Ysilde faces Morningstar.

Chapter Twenty-Three: The Hall of Tatters
Princess Aria visits her birthright, Blackthorn sees Mars, and the First Mens' greatest secret is revealed...

Chapter Twenty-Four: Disrupted Harmony
The villains of the piece gather and to declaim how they intend to win the day; but only one can be victorious! Place your bets!

Chapter Twenty-Five: The Lady of the Land
Princess Aria claims a Harmony Spire and is claimed by Mars.

Chapter Twenty-Six: Doom of the Harmony Spires
Tybald tan Throg must play hero against the Sorcerer of Night himself, and Ysilde nim Loret refuses to play victim any more..

Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Heart of Mars
Unusual experiences of Blackthorn, Oglok, and Aria inside a Harmony Tower.

Chapter Twenty-Eight: Clash of the Archetypes
Colonel Morningstar becomes a god and General Blackthorn remains a heretic.

Chapter Twenty-Nine: The Last Shadow-Door
Arcantrus Veil commands all of Mars and Blackthorn makes a final desperate stand.

Chapter Thirty: The Death of Mars
Morningstar, the Black Sorcerer, and Blackthorn vie for absolute power, Ysilde understands at last, Tybald makes a life-decision... and the Harmony Spire falls!


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