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Compiled by R.R. Watson

Agony Jackets – Torture devices used by the Sorcerer of Fatal Laughter.

Amplification crystals – Gems that store arcane energy for a sorcerer to draw upon in addition to personal bio-resources

Ancients – The legendary humans who had first settled Mars from old Earth-that-was.

Battle of Anx – General Blackthorn’s first great stand against the First Men.

Battle turtles – War machines used by the Black Sorcerer.

Black Airships – The Black Sorcerer’s aerial war machines.

Black Armada – The Black Sorcerer’s armada of airships.

Black Matter Bombs – Dangerous bombs normally the size of marbles.

Bloodmarks – Currency in Hades.

Bloodmasters – Lord Ruin’s highest-ranking followers.

Blood-thirsters – Servants of the Sorcerer of Night, half-man half-bat.

Brainworms – Brain-eating parasites developed by the Black Sorcerer.

Brides of Night – The Sorcerer of Night’s undead brides.

Brothers of Maya – An unexplained religious organization not affiliated with the First Men.

Chain Cities – Lord Ruin’s mobile war-machines.

Chalice of Time – One of the four holy hallows of Mars, its current location is unknown.

Challenge Horns – Ceremonial horns that mark the battles in the Circus Terminus.

Chatterspiders – Clockwork robots contained within Splatterpillars.

Chucklehounds – Defenses used by the Sorcerer of Fatal Laughter.

D’Arb-ee – A race of tiny people native to Secunda Prevura.

Daemons of Entropy – A method of self-destruct used by the Sorcerer of Night requiring just over half and hour to charge.

Data Coins – Futuristic memory sticks.

Disruptor Cannon – Large hand-held cannons that presumably disrupt things.

Elder – An honorary term used to refer to a respected village leader, often the headman. Not an officially recognized position.

Electro-whips – Weapons used by servants of the Black Sorcerer.

Elysian Necrotechnicians – Servants of the Sorcerer of Night.

Esper Shells – Servants of the Black Sorcerer.

Fatality – The Sorcerer of Fatal Laughter’s mobile fortress.

Fenrir Root – A psychotropic when properly distilled.

First Men – The four tyrannical rulers of Mars who posses god-like power.

Force shield belts – Protective belts produced by the Black Sorcerer.

Four Hallows – Legendary relics of the Ancients, the Sword of Light, the Spear of Death, the Stone of Transmutation and the Chalice of Time.

Gausheen – A race of half-snake people native to Secunda Prevura.

Genesis valves – Technology used by the Black Sorcerer.

Geothaums – A measure of the magic arcanosphere of Mars.

Gigglepusses – Weapons used by the Sorcerer of fatal laughter.

Grav-bots – Hovering robots.

Great Burn – A devastating disaster at the dawn of Martian history caused by the warring First Men.

Guard-banshee – A defense placed by the Sorcerer of Night

Harmony Spires – Half-mile high structures shaped like giant unicorn’s horns made of gem and pearl. The spires are a necessary part of the machines keeping Mars inhabitable and making magic possible. They are of unknown number but every few centuries one dies. It is unclear what the minimum number is to sustain life on Mars.

Heralds – Envoys of the Black Sorcerer, equipped with magic-deflecting vambraces force shield belts, pain wands, and electro-whips.

Hex-balls – A type of arcane missile.

Ho-Ho-Harpies – Flying servants of the Sorcerer of Fatal Laughter.

Homing gigglers – Defenses used by the Sorcerer of Fatal Laughter.

Hover-cars – Flying craft.

Incendiary Babies – Weapons used by the Sorcerer of Fatal laughter.

Infra-bomb – A light bomb used by the Black Sorcerer.

Internal Biocapacity – The amount of magic a sorcerer or sorceress can store.

Isidian White – A fine wine.

Isidic Bards – Keepers of ancient secrets of Mars, reputedly destroyed eight hundred years ago for sedition against the First Men. Mel says different.

Jokers – The Sorcerer of Fatal Laughter’s highest ranking cyborg servants.

Kan – A First Man’s warrior-prince. Kans may draw upon the power of their masters.

Kinetic blade – Type of sword.

Knights of Daedal – An order of warriors sworn to protect the royal family of Mars, now all dead.

Landcrawlers – Transports used by the Black Sorcerer, with six steam-powered legs supporting a huge flat platform. An engine shed occupies the centre of the vehicle surrounded by cabins and state-rooms and the whole machine is ringed by a balcony.

Laugh-track Medium Combat Vehicles – Combat vehicles used by the Sorcerer of Fatal Laughter.

Lizard men – A race of fierce reptilian pack humanoids who serve the Black Sorcerer in organized military units.

Long Decline – The period after the fall of the Ancients and before the rise of the First Men when much technology was lost.

Mark III Phase Pellet Rifle – A common weapon, suitable for a common soldier.

Mecha-clowns – Soldiers of the Sorcerer of Fatal Laughter.

Mock-Men – Huge, furry bipeds with opposable thumbs and near-human faces genetically created by the Sorcerer of Fatal Laughter for his armies. Unfortunately for the Sorcerer, Mock-Men are natural pacifists by nature. They are excellent gardeners and farmers, naturally forming rural communities where they live in peace and harmony and have a complex and eloquent language that unfortunately sounds like meaningless growls to an untrained ear. They are used as slave labor by all the First Men.

Monitor Drones – Scout robots.

Multi-tool – A technological tool, presumably with multiple functions.

Nightmare-crawlers – Servants of the Sorcerer of Night

Norvellian War Dogs – Genetically-altered warriors of Lord Ruin.

Nots – Resistance fighters in the domain of the Sorcerer of Fatal Laughter.

Obedience Programming – Implanted commands used by the Black Sorcerer to compel obedience from his followers. Other First Men use similar form of control through different methods.

Ogrin – A genetically engineered race that serve Lord Ruin.

Ojer Tzij – Martian holy book recounting the Ancients’ prophecies. Includes mention of the Four Hallows. It’s name is Mayan for “Ancient Word”.

Olympian Salts – Expensive bath salts.

Pain Wand – A type of weapon used by servants of the Black Sorcerer.

Plague-moulds – Pain-giving growths used by the Black Sorcerer’s inquisitors, apparently capable of developing sentience.

Pocket Universes – Rare storage devices that require constant expenditure of power to maintain; related to Shadow Doors.

Pool of Rainbow Waters – Nanotechnology of the Ancients acquired by the Black Sorcerer and used to give Princess Aria her magical abilities.

Popol Vuh - The Mayan “Book of the People” is a collection of myths and histories of the K’iche kingdom of Guatemala. Lines 4940 ff. include mention of four “First Men” whose titles have been taken by the four sorcerers ruling Mars. Somehow the Mayan myths have become mingled with Martian legend.

Ratkin – A genetically engineered race who serve the Black Sorcerer.

Roboclowns – Robotic servants of the Sorcerer of Fatal Laughter.

Robot-Callers – Cyborg servants of the Black Sorcerer who control robots.

Rock Crawler – A tunneling machine.

Runners – Rebels who carry information across all of Mars and connect the various resistance movements. Their current leader is Edar Reith.

Sensorines – A walking data-store and diagnostic device made by the Black Sorcerer. Distinguishable by their ebony flesh, milky-reflective eyes, and the cranial jack implants.

Shadow doors – Magical doors that allow transport to anywhere on Mars via some shadowy magical dimension, only made by the dead.

Shadowmen – Servants of the Sorcerer of Night

Skeleton Corps – The soldiers of Lord Valaron, now disbanded.

Sleeping Army of the Last Man – A legendary army, prophesied to awake and free Mars.

Smith’s Guild – A recently-formed guild of skilled craftspeople rescued from the Forges of Cryse. Its Guild Master is Lucan.

Snakeheads – Servants of the Sorcerer of Night.

Solisian Cloth – A type of cloth.

Song of Mourning – A religious song sung be Mock-Men as the sun goes down that remembers all the kin they’ve lost. They believe it unites them with the spirits of all the Mock-Men who came before.

Sonic blade – A type of sword, also known as a vibra-blade.

Soul engines – Technology used by the Black Sorcerer.

Spear of Death – One of the four holy hallows of Mars, its current location is unknown.

Spiney apples – A type of apples.

Splatterpillars – Sixty feet long gaudily-painted segmented robots with robotic weapons arms that hunt by vibration, spray nitric acid, and are operated by a human brain.

Stasis field – A force field.

Stone of Transmutation – One of the four holy hallows of Mars, its current location is unknown.

Suicide squads – Servants of Lord Ruin

Sword of Light – One of the four holy hallows of Mars, currently in the possession of General Blackthorn. Its various settings are white light torch (white button), utility blade laser knife (green button), energy sword (yellow button), ranged laser beam (orange button) and plasma fireball (red button). The weapon appears to only operate for Blackthorn.

Tactile Neural Shredders – Weapons that burn out a victims central nervous system if they or dropped or activated remotely.

Technocrats – The aristocracy of the Black Sorcerer’s court.

Tenchman’s Reel – A country wedding dance to a well-known tune.

Terror-seemings – Protections placed by the Sorcerer of Night

Thaum – A measurement of magic. Powerful sorcerers can store and use magics in the terrathaum range.

The Chaos Times –The period after the fall of the Ancients and before the rise of the First Men, also called the long decline.

The Voice of God – A legendary communications device of the Ancients, said to be the only form of long-range communication on Mars.

The Wisengot – A group of rebels in the Utopian Forests.

Ticktockmen – Robotic servants of the Black Sorcerer with human brains.

Tinoro Leaf Tea – A type of tea. Aria takes hers sweetened with honey.

Tracker cats – Genetically mutated creatures used by the armies of the Black Sorcerer.

Tripods – War machines used by the Black Sorcerer.

Ur-bears – Genetically engineered bears.

Vambraces – Black metal arm-sheaths that absorb magic. Red LEDs give readings.

Vibra-blade – Type of sword.

Viridian spice – A type of spice.

Waltz Ebullient – A traditional dance.

Warbot – A weaponised robot.

Warcrawler – A type of massive tank used by the Black Sorcerer.

Waterworms – Giant armored amour-plated serpents that grow up to a hundred feet long.

Weaponsmiths of Cryse – Servants of the Sorcerer of Fatal Laughter.

Wetware – Implanted technology that becomes part of the nervous system.

Wild lightning snares – Technology used by the Black Sorcerer.

Windtide – The extra season of Mars between Autumn and Winter.


Original concepts, characters, and situations copyright © 2012 reserved by Ian Watson. Key characters and concepts from the Blackthorn works of Van Allen Plexico copyright © 2012 by him. The right of Ian Watson to be identified as the author of this work has been asserted by him in accordance with the UK Copyright, Designs & Patents Act 1988. All rights reserved.

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