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I.A. Watson is an adventure, fantasy, and SF author from Yorkshire, England. This page lists his published works and links to samples and stories.

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Cover: Chad Hardin
Interiors: Rob Davis

The Far Edge Club, rich bored thrill-seekers who play games with human life, man-hunt their most exciting prey, world-famous escape artist Harry Houdini. The iconic image of L'Inconnu, an unidentified drowned girl pulled from the Seine, becomes an inspiration for kidnap and murder. On the anniversary of a fateful meeting at Reichenbach Falls, Mr Sherlock Holmes receives a plaster death-mask of his old foe Professor Moriarty. A secret from a notorious South African concentration camp threatens to provoke mass murder in the capital of the British Empire.

What better occasion to demand the alliance of Sherlock Holmes, the world's greatest detective, and rising star Harry Houdini, adventurer, escapologist, and showman extraordinaire? I.A. Watson's first full-length Holmes mystery chronicles the meeting - the game is afoot and the show must go on!

An account by Dr John H. Watson of his meeting with American impresario Mr Martin Beck, managing agent of Mr Harry Houdini (novel extract)

A podcast about HOLMES AND HOUDINI wherein I.A. Watson chats with Art Sippo at ArtsReview.

An interview about HOLMES AND HOUDINI and LABOURS OF HERCULES at Ralph's Rants.

"Holmes and Houdini"
ISBN-10: 0997786809
ISBN-13: 978-0997786804
Published by Airship 27
Release date: January 2017
Retail Price: $16.99
Kindle version available
$3 e-version also available at The Airship 27 Hangar

Cover Art: Johan Köler
Cover Design: Charles Shad

Greek myth's greatest hero faces his greatest tragedy. Blessed and cursed by the gods, Hercules faces twelve impossible tasks that will take him past the ends of the world, pit him against monsters from beyond imagination, and force him to defy even the deities of Olympus to save those who loved.

Classical legend meets modern adventure as I.A. WATSON delves back into the original classical sources to weave this tale of legend's greatest hero. Hercules, the archetypal monster-fighting warrior, great is passion and in wrath, is portrayed in all his flawed glory in a world where legend is giving way to history and the gods are slowly giving way to the rise of humanity.

Read The Sixth Labour: Chasing Off the Stymphalian Birds.

"Labours of Hercules"
ISBN-10: 1518884695
Published by Chillwater Press
Release date: December 2016
Retail Price: $13.50 from Createspace
Kindle Edition available

Cover: Charles Shad

A tragedy.

A fairy tale.
An adventure.
A horror story.

In this thought-provoking anthology, I.A WATSON turns the spotlight on the heroines of legend, to give voice on ancient injustices, to rediscover ignored passions, and to take terrible revenges.

This work includes adult themes.

"Women of Myth"
ISBN-10: 1515047822
Published by Chillwater Press
Release date: August 2015
Retail Price: $13.20 from Createspace
Kindle Edition available

Cover: G.G. Mitchell

A desperate young woman must decode her murdered father’s journal...
Impossible Nazi supermen hunt her across the globe...
Ghouls haunt the subways of New York City...
A forbidden sect exploits the fall of Hong Kong...
A vampire stalks war-battered Malta’s crowded refugee tunnels...
Ancient apes speak in the language of the gods...
A mysterious pocketwatch alters time itself...
This must be a case for SIR MUMPHREY WILTON, gentleman troubleshooter, ever-ready to smite the ungodly and save the day – if he can survive that long!

"Sir Mumphrey Wilton and the Lost City of Mystery"
ISBN-10: 1502438488
ISBN-13: 978-1502438485
Published by Chillwater Press
Release date: October 2014
Retail Price: $13.50 from Createspace
Kindle Edition available

Cover: Adam Diller

It’s hard to find a job these days.
Art Ellswift was dumb enough and desperate enough to answer a tattered add in a backstreet newsagent for an all-purpose delivery boy.
It didn’t mention the dimensional travel.
Or the killer robots.
Or the mad scientists.
Or the alien invaders.
Or the exploding hippos.
It somehow failed to mention that saving the world was also in the job description.
Somewhere around page seven.

Luckily it was only a short term contract.
Nobody yet has survived to get a long one!

"The Transdimensional Travel Company"
ISBN-10: 1502730502
ISBN-13: 978-1502730503
Published by Chillwater Press
Release date: December 2014
Retail Price: $13.50 from Createspace
Kindle Edition available

Cover: Charles Shad

If you know where to look, London is full of ghosts.

And ghouls. And vampires, necromancers, cambions, fairies, werewolves, oracles, skinshifters, zombies, and some things that are downright weird.

When you have a problem with things that go bump in the night, you need VINNIE DE SOTH, JOBBING OCCULTIST, exiled white sheep of a notorious ancient house of black sorcerers, now scraping a living from a Soho bookshop backroom when he's not saving the world.

Arcane urban adventure in the shadows of civilisation, close to reality near yours!

"Vinnie De Soth, Jobbing Occultist"
ISBN-10: 1512124303
Published by Chillwater Press
Release date: June 2015
Retail Price: $14.50 from Createspace
Kindle Edition available

Cover: Charles Shad

As the Roman Empire crumbles a much older power awakens. With him rise pitiless monsters from legend and prehistory. Astorat the Dragon demands gold, power, and virgin flesh. Most of all he demands Princess Sabra, Nymph of the Sacred Pool. Only a miracle can stop him.

Unfortunately, the appointed saint has other ideas. And he's no saint.

But will he be a hero?

I.A. WATSON brings a slice of legend to life in the first of two enthralling volumes of sword against serpent, passion versus dragonfire, for the future of all humanity.

Map of Roman Cyrenaica
Map of Roman Cyrene

"St George and the Dragon - Book One"
ISBN-10: 150580793X
ISBN-13: 9781505807936
Published by Chillwater Press
Release date: February 2015
Retail Price: $13.20 from Createspace
Kindle Edition available

Cover: Charles Shad

An unstoppable creature of legend wakes to claim the world. To save her people, Princess Sabra volunteers to go to the dragon. But the wyrm Astorat knows that when he devours her he can overthrow the empires of man.

Only one outcast knight threatens the horror's rise, a reluctant self-proclaimed dragon-slayer who hates to be called Saint George.

As civilisation crumbles, while men and monsters run wild, a dragon, a damsel, and a tarnished hero face a final, fateful appointment.

Award-winning fantasy author I.A. WATSON concludes the epic adventure of sword versus serpent, passion versus dragonfire, for the future of humanity.

"St George and the Dragon - Book Two"
ISBN-10: 1505808588
Published by Chillwater Press
Release date: April 2015
Retail Price: $13.50 from Createspace
Kindle Edition available

Cover by Mike Manley
Interiors by Rob Davis
Winner of Best Pulp Cover 2010

When the law is used to oppress the helpless, justice can only come from an outlaw.

Nominated for Best Pulp Novel of 2010 in both the Pulp Factory Awards and the Pulp Ark Awards, ROBIN HOOD, KING OF SHERWOOD covers the earliest days of the outrageous outlaw’s exploits. From his meetings with Little John, Friar Tuck, and Will Scarlet to his explosive clash with the sadistic Sir Guy of Gisbourne, this volume chronicles the rise of the forest lord.

"Robin Hood: King of Sherwood"
ISBN: 1-934935-65-4  ISBN 13: 978-1-934935-65-1
Release date: 25th March 2010
Produced by Airship 27
Published by Cornerstone Books
Purchase from Cornerstone here Retail Price: $21.95
$3 e-version also available at The Airship 27 hangar

Robin Hood: King of Sherwood preview chapters

Cover by Mike Manley
Interiors by Rob Davis
Nominated Best Pulp Cover 2011

ROBIN HOOD: ARROW OF JUSTICE continues the story as the scheming Sheriff of Nottingham plots the outlaw’s downfall. Including some of Robin’s most famous feats, including competing for the Golden Arrow at the Sheriff’s archery contest and helping Alan a Dale to rescue his bride from a cruel forced marriage, this volume brings the swashbuckling scofflaw together once more with the feisty Maid Marion to shake the foundations of Prince John’s England. Nominated for Best Pulp Novel of 2011 in both the Pulp Factory Awards and the Pulp Ark Awards.

"Robin Hood: Arrow of Justice"
ISBN: 1-613420-27-7
ISBN-13: 978-1-61342-027-0
Produced by Airship 27
Published by Cornerstone Books
Release date: 12/07/2011
Retail Price: $16.95
$3 e-version also available at The Airship 27 hangar

Robin Hood: Arrow of Justice preview chapter

Cover by Mike Manley
Interiors by Rob Davis

ROBIN HOOD, FREEDOM'S OUTLAW , the concluding book in I.A. Watson's much-praised trilogy retelling the classic tale of the champion of Sherwood for a new generation. Shortlisted for Best Pulp Novel 2013 in the Pulp Factory industry awards.

A nation failed by the law still cries out for justice. A dozen weak and injured escapees from Nottingham Castle flee for safety. Prince John demands Maid Marion in his bed and commands her father be destroyed. The Sheriff of Nottingham and Black Gisbourne move to crush the Sherwood rebels once and for all.

And in the deeps of Sherwood, an outlaw champion prepares for the final showdown.

"Robin Hood: Freedom's Outlaw"
ISBN: 0-615852-94-7  ISBN 13: 978-0-615852-94-2
Release date: November 2013
Produced by Airship 27
Purchase from CreateSpace Retail Price: $16.99
Also available for Kindle

Robin Hood: Freedom's Outlaw preview chapters

Cover: Jesus Rodriguez
Interiors: Rob Davis

When the law no longer serves justice, justice must be an outlaw.

By winter of 1191 King Richard the Lionheart was eighteen months gone from England on crusade. Those noble counsellors he’d left to administer his kingdom had squabbled then warred with each other while Richard’s younger brother and heir, Prince John “Lackland”, fanned the conflict. Armed barons and rich office-holders took advantage of the times to do whatsoever they pleased.

Yet there was resistance. Men without rights or liberty whispered that in deep Sherwood Forest a company of free outlaws robbed from the rich and gave to the poor, mocking the powerful and bringing hope to the powerless. The cruel Sheriff of Nottingham was unable to catch them. Mighty Prince John had nightmares about them. Secret stories were told of these men, and wheresoever these outlaw tales were spoken rebellion flourished.

It was forbidden to speak of Robin Hood, yet everyone knew his name..

"Robin Hood: Freedom's Outlaw"
ISBN-10: 0692317759
ISBN-13: 978-0692317754
Published by Airship 27
Release date: October 2014
Retail Price: $16.14
Kindle Edition available
$3 e-version also available at The Airship 27 Hangar

Image by Adam Diller
Nominated Best Pulp Cover 2012


In the traditions of Edgar Rice Burroughs and Jack Kirby, I.A. Watson takes forward bestselling Van Allen Plexico's visionary BLACKTHORN saga with a story nominated as Best Pulp Novel 2012!

Princess Aria is the only survivor of the ancient dynasty that first settled the red planet. The ancient magic of the devices that make Mars fit for human life flows though her by right and training. But she's also the daughter of the archvillainous Black Sorcerer who wars with the other tyrannical First Men that now carve Mars between them for their experiments and amusements.

Her world needs a champion and she needs a friend. But should she trust the hero dragged through time from old Earth-that-was? Can John Blackthorn and his fierce Mock-Man sidekick really stand against science, sorcery, and treachery? Can a few desperate rebels defeat the monstrous legions that have oppressed the red planet for millenia? And can Aria trust herself to do what is neccessary to achieve what she has set out to do - whatever the cost?.

"Blackthorn: Dynasty of Mars"
ISBN 10: 0615676545  ISBN 13: 978-0615676548
Release date: 27th July 2012

Published by White Rocket Books
Purchase from Amazon Retail Price: $15.95
$2.55 Kindle e-version also available at here

Image by Adam Diller


A young man desperate to save his sister from the raiders who kidnapped her to slavery – an ancient undead released after half a millennium – four sorcerous First Men who will kill half a world to keep their darkest secret – and three champions who will stand for Mars against horror and tyranny – or die trying!

Award-winning author I.A Watson’s online novel set in the futuristic Martian world of Van Allen Plexico’s BLACKTHORN offers readers a serial adventure in the tradition of old-time pulps, showcasing the vibrant characters and lush settings of this popular and successful series.

Join Earth General John Blackthorn, Aria, Princess of Mars, Oglok the Mock-Man and an ever-expanding cast of rebels, monsters, magicians, and villains as the mystery of the ancient Harmony Spires is explored. Following on from BLACKTHORN: THUNDER ON MARS and BLACKTHORN: DYNASTY OF MARS, this stand-alone full-length serial novel offers a glimpse of a future where magic and technology are one and humanity must face its ultimate challenge.

Go to Chapter One * Go to Blackthorn site

Cover and Interiors: Rob Davis

SHERLOCK HOLMES MYSTERIES presents seven of award winning writer, I.A. Watson’s fabulous Sherlock Holmes adventures. This first volume, available only on Kindle, collects Watson’s first six Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson tales that have appeared in the first six volumes of Airship 27 Productions’ bestselling series, Sherlock Holmes – Consulting Detective.

“I.A. Watson has had a new story in each volume of “Consulting Detective,” since its inception,” reports Airship 27 Productions’ Managing Editor. “In fact his third entry in the series, ‘The Last Deposit’ won the Pulp Factory Award for Best Pulp Short Story. So we are extremely excited to be putting all these amazing stories together for our Kindle readers. As an added bonus, Airship 27 Productions is including an eighth, never before published adventure, “The Adventure of the Fading Light.” That makes this digital book twice the size of the regular volumes for the exact same price.”

This Kindle collection also features all the original illustrations by Pulp Factory Award winning artist, and Airship 27 Productions Art Director, Rob Davis.

"Sherlock Holmes Mysteries"
Published by Airship 27
Release date: January 2015
Kindle Edition $4.99

Cover: Mike Fyles

A 10,000 mile air race over the most dangerous environments on the planet. 31 of the world’s most daring pilots – before the killings start. An ancient evil awoken from its tomb to wreak ancient revenge on the living. Detective airman Richard Knight targeted for death. Can the man called Q prevent mass murder before the globe is plunged into chaos and war?

A brand new digest novel featuring Donald E. Keyhoe’s classic flying secret agent from award winning pulp author I. A. Watson takes Richard Knight on a Race With Hell! !

See the Race Map here

"The New Adventures of Richard Knight volume 2: Race With Hell"
ISBN-10: 1507582420
ISBN-13: 978-1507582428
Published by Pro Se Press
Release date: January 2015
Retail Price: $9.00 from Createspace
Kindle and Other Electronic Editions available

Cover: Jeffrey Hayes

BYZANTIUM: DEAD MAN'S ROAD leads readers into a world of history and fantasy married with magic, monsters, and mystery in Book One of I.A. Watson's original Pro Se Single Shot Signatures Series novellas.

In a world where Christianity never arose to sweep away the old magics, where sorcerer-guilds and necromancer-kings rule amidst the Roman ruins, Kirkgrim the Wanderer joins a caravan train across war-torn wasteland to the world's most corrupt city. The reluctant hero finds himself trapped with travelers, refugee orphans, deserter soldiers, a beautiful hunted sorceress, and one mad Viking, amidst civil war, religious zealots, brutal reavers, and a growing zombie army - guarding a secret that could bring the last vestiges of civilization crashing down in flames.

In Byzantium Book One: Dead Men’s Road, a beautiful woman tasked with delivering a sealed package to the Invisible College in Byzantium is pursued by merciless bandits, relentless undead, and a charming scoundrel who has nothing to lose.

"Byzantium: Dead Man's Road"
Published by Pro Se Press
Release date: July 2014
Retail Price: $0.99 Kindle Edition only

Cover: Jeffrey Hayes

BYZANTIUM: STONE AND FIRE is Book Two of I.A. Watson's original Pro Se Single Shot Signatures Series fantasy novella series.

Wandering Celtic priest Kirkgrim Carrionwake joined the caravan heading east to Byzantium mostly because he fancied Venetian mage Mirabelle de Castile. The collection of travellers seeking safe passage to the great city were a fascinating selection of merchants, messengers, monks, and others ripe for meddling with. Of particular interest were the newly-recruited Viking caravan guard Sigroth Sigrothson and the train’s lead scout Fitz, owner of a fighting war-pig.

Kirkgrim also suspected growing trouble as the rebel forces of Baron Olderus shifted their attentions west of the fallen Roman Empire’s old capital, defying Duke Sebastio’s weakening rule and fomenting chaos across the region. The Wanderer couldn’t know that the beautiful Lady Mirabelle was tasked with delivering a sealed casket to the Invisible College’s Byzantine Chapter, or that this treasure would draw the attention of a one-eyed sorcerer and his band or raiders and of a Necromancer who would raise an undead horde.

If he had known, Kirkgrim would have gone anyway.

"Byzantium: Stone and Fire"
Published by Pro Se Press
Release date: January 2015
Retail Price: $0.99 Kindle Edition only

Cover by Mike Fyles
Nominated Best Pulp Cover 2013

Romance and adventure take flight when disgraced Navy weatherman Finian follows mysterious blonde Verity on the deadly maiden flight of "Airship 27" in I.A. Watson's action science fiction novella from ZEPPELIN TALES What is the secret in Shed 13? What lies behind the strange sky phenomenon known as the fallstreak? Who plots the destruction of crew and ship alike? And what are the strange creatures that dwell beyond the clouds?

"These are not our skies".

"Zeppelin Tales"
ISBN: 061591554X  ISBN 13: 978-0615915548
Release date: November 2013
Produced by Airship 27
Purchase from Amazon Retail Price: $16.99
Also available for Kindle

Airship 27 preview excerpt

Cover: Jeffrey Hayes

WHERE STORIES DWELL a collection of essays on tales and telling them by I.A. Watson. Starring: The Duke of Marlborough, swashbuckler, soldier, adventurer, and ladies' man; Medea of Colchis, seductive sorceress and woman scorned; Eleanor of Aquitaine, the most powerful woman in Europe; Brutus Giantslayer, who overcame Gog and Magog to found a nation; William Paget, Earl of Uxbridge, and especially his right leg; Princess Enheduanna, High Priestess of the Moon Goddess Nanna; William the Conqueror, a bastard by name, birth, and nature; Sir Francis Dashwood, wicked master of the wicked Hell Fire Club; King Arthur Pendragon, rightwise born King of All Britain; Kings Henry II, IV, V, and VIII, who average to King Henry IV¾, plus a guest Edward; Rhodopis of the Stolen Slipper, a damsel in distress with familiar problems; Acting Major William Martin, a Royal Marine who died before he was ever born; Inspector-General James Barry MD, a military surgeon who never existed at all; Spring-Heeled Jack, fire-breathing iron-clawed terror of the night; The Lone Ranger and Tonto; with a full cast of gods, monarchs, smiths, Celts, Hussites, supervillains, sacrificial virgins, Londoners, knights, heretics, lighthouse-keepers, Methodists, spectral hounds, Loathly Ladies, pulp writers, revolutionaries, spies, and souvenir-vendors to match all tastes.

Sample chapters available here

"Where Stories Dwell"
ISBN-10: 1500666173
ISBN-13: 9781500666170
Published by Pro Se Press
Release date: July 2014
Retail Price: $15.00
Kindle Edition available

Covers: Laura Givens   

ASSEMBLED: FIVE DECADES OF EARTH’S MIGHTIEST and ASSEMBLED 2, volumes on Marvel Comics’ massively popular Avengers team, featuring analysis, reflection, comment and criticism of the books, movies and more, include many contributions by I.A. Watson such as “The Greatest Avengers Issues Never Published”, “The Shooter-Michelnie Years”, “What Makes an Avengers Villain?” and “Why Mantis Had To Be a Whore”.

Available from White Rocket Books and Amazon. Proceeds go towards The Hero Initiative charity

Cover: Mark Maddox   Interiors: Rob Davis

The popular continuation of the adventures of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s archetypal detective begins with SHERLOCK HOLMES: CONSULTING DETECTIVE Volume 1, which includes I.A. Watson’s “Dead Man’s Manuscript”

An old army comrade of Dr Watson’s commits a crime because a ghost told him to do it. Holmes and Watson must discover why a respectable war veteran might destroy a priceless document at the command of his dead father.

"Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective vol 1"
ISBN 1-934935-50-6
ISBN 13: 978-1-934935-50-7
Produced by Airship 27
Published by Cornerstone Books
Release date: July 2010
Retail Price: $21.95
$3 e-version also available at The Airship 27 Hangar

Cover: Ingrid Hardy  Interiors: Rob Davis
Nominated of Best Pulp Cover 2011

SHERLOCK HOLMES: CONSULTING DETECTIVE Volume 2 features two stories by I.A. Watson. In “The Problem of the Western Mail”, Holmes’ ennui during a scorching summer is temporarily lifted when a safe-load of payroll vanishes from a moving train. He faces the opposite problem in “The Last Deposit” when he must fathom how a dead girl appeared in the most secure vault of a well-guarded bank – and why. This tale was winner of Best Short Story, Pulp Factory Awards 2010, Nominated Best Short Story Pulp Ark Awards 2010

"Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective vol 2"
ISBN 1-934935-74-3
ISBN 13: 978-1-934935-74-3
Produced by Airship 27
Published by Cornerstone Books
Release date: March 2011
Retail Price: $21.95
$3 e-version also available at The Airship 27 Hangar

Cover: Brian McCullough
Interiors by Rob Davis 
Interiors: Rob Davis

SHERLOCK HOLMES: CONSULTING DETECTIVE Volume 3 includes I.A. Watson’s tale “The Lucky Leprechaun.” A wealthy businessman who has made his fortune selling temperance drinks vanishes at night from his locked country house. The only witnesses are his two young nieces – and they claim he was carried away by the fairies they meet in the woods. Holmes and Watson must unravel the strange code in the missing man’s scribbles, discover the secret of his enchanted gold, and stop the revenge of the leprechaun himself, before they too are sucked into madness and destruction.

"Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective vol 3"
ISBN 10: 1-613420-09-9
ISBN 13: 978-1-1-613420-09-6
Produced by Airship 27
Published by Golden Hammer Press
Release date: November 2011
Retail Price: $14.99
$3 e-version also available at The Airship 27 Hangar

Cover: Chad Harding    Interiors: Rob Davis

SHERLOCK HOLMES: CONSULTING DETECTIVE Volume 4: In a Victorian England on the cusp of a new century, where the marvels of science will spur the Industrial Revolution to new heights of cultural wonder, the dark elements of humankind continue to worm their way through the streets of London and its surrounding countryside. Murder and mayhem remain and the work of Sherlock Holmes continues; his powers of deductive reasoning the crucial bulwark to stem this tide of villainy.

This anthology includes I.A. Watson's award-nominated Best Short Pulp Story 2013, "The Clockwork Courtesan", in which the prime suspect for a civil servant's brutal end is a mechanical music-box in the shape of a woman.

"Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective vol 4"
ISBN 10: 0615758231
ISBN 9780615758237
Published by Airship 27
Release date: January 2013
Retail Price: $16.99
$3 e-version also available at The Airship 27 Hangar

Cover: Mike Fyles    Interiors: Rob Davis

SHERLOCK HOLMES: CONSULTING DETECTIVE Volume 5 features "The Abominable Merridew", I.A Watson's tale of the lost Holmes villain mentioned but never detailed in the canon. But the great detective is not the only one hunting down a depraved killer. This time Holmes and Watson are being challenged by another investigative team - Professor Moriarty and Colonel Moran!

See the greatest minds of the Holmesian age at work as brutal murders, fiendish kidnappings, and gangland atrocities escalate, mere weeks before a fateful and final encounter at the Reichenbach Falls.

"Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective vol 5"
ISBN-10: 0615935818
ISBN-13: 978-0615935812
Published by Airship 27
Release date: December 2013
Retail Price: $16.14
Kindle Edition available here
$3 e-version also available at The Airship 27 Hangar

Cover: Pat Carabjal    Interiors: Rob Davis

SHERLOCK HOLMES: CONSULTING DETECTIVE Volume 6 features "The Case of the Counterfeit Watson", in which I.A Watson recounts the puzzling incident of the man in the lunatic asylum who claims be to the real Dr John Watson - even to Sherlock Holmes!

A woman births a monster that could have no human father. A quiet country physician cripples a village policeman. A house that was supposed to have burned down sixty years before reappears. And a lobotomy chair awaits the Great Detective.

"Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective vol 6"
ISBN-10: 0692244948
ISBN-13: 978-0692244944
Published by Airship 27
Release date: June 2014
Retail Price: $16.14
Kindle Edition available
$3 e-version also available at The Airship 27 Hangar

Cover: Michael Youngblood
Interiors: Rob Davis

SHERLOCK HOLMES: CONSULTING DETECTIVE Volume 7: Thick fog envelopes the streets of London. Nefarious agents set about their evil plots and schemes. Murder most foul rears its ugly head and baffling mysteries confound the good men of Scotland Yard. What recourse but to call upon the greatest Consulting Detective of them all, Mr Sherlock Holmes of 221B Baker Street?.

In another edition of the popular anthology series, I.A. Watson chronicles one of Holmes’ earliest cases investigating the murderous recurrence of the horrific Victorian bogeyman “Spring-Heeled Jack” – in the closely guarded military base at Aldershot Barracks!

"Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective vol 7"
ISBN 10: 0692387196
ISBN 13: 978-0692387191
Published by Airship 27
Release date: February 2015
Retail Price: $16.99
Kindle version available
$3 e-version also available at The Airship 27 Hangar

Cover: Zachary Brunner
Interiors: Rob Davis

SHERLOCK HOLMES: CONSULTING DETECTIVE Volume 8: Another installment in the anthology series based upon the Canon of Holmes' investigations. I.A. Watson contributes "Mysteries of the Buried God", wherein a newly-uncovered Mithraic temple yields up two bodies: one murdered four hundred years ago inside a sealed room and another murdered yesterday.

Airship 27 Productions’ managing editor, Ron Fortier says: “Ever since we started this series, our readers have clamored for more. Folks just can’t get enough of Holmes and Watson and their appeal never wanes. This particular collection has a genuine horror theme that runs throughout the two shorts and one novella. They are tales best read on a dark and lonely night.”

"Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective vol 8"
ISBN-10: 0692685154
ISBN-13: 978-0692685150
Published by Airship 27
Release date: April 2016
Retail Price: $16.99
Kindle version available
$3 e-version also available at The Airship 27 Hangar

Cover: Rob Davis

Sixty-two authors and thirty-six artists are assembled in one bumper volume spanning 776 pages of the best genres and themes of modern pulp writing. This veritable who's who of contemporary pulp authors is produced as a benefit for New Pulp luminary Tommy Hancock.

I.A. Watson contributes "The Return of General George Washington or By The Robot’s Red Glare", where a giant forgotten war machine rises again to oppose a future-tyrant amd return the promise of freedom.

"Legends of New Pulp Fiction"
ISBN-10: 0692601139
ISBN-13: 978-0692601136
Published by Airship 27
Release date: December 2015
Retail Price: from $25.00 at Amazon

Cover: Carl Yonder

The world's most famous escape artist returns to pulp fiction in this new series of adventures. Ranging from fog-choked London to fin-de-siecle Paris and across Europe, Harry Houdini faces challenges and mysteries that only a showmn of his range and skill could ever survive.

This volume includes I.A. Watson's "Houdini and the Catacombs of Paris", in which ancient tunnels hold new menace in a deadly manhunt, a young woman is gambled and lost in a high-stakes card game, and a sybaritic cult of rich thrill-seekers want the unique pleasure of trapping Harry Houdini in a maze where the only release is death

"The Amazing Harry Houdini"
ISBN-10: 0692586563
ISBN-13: 978-0692586563
Published by Airship 27
Release date: November 2015
Retail Price: from $16.99 at Amazon
Kindle Edition available

Cover: Mark Bousquet, based on a Logoist template

STRANGE AND COZY includes I.A. Watson's "Murder at Barrowbrocks: The Last Case of the Mystery Solvers"

Ten years ago, the “Mystery Solvers” were nosy undergraduates who butted in to solve crimes. Then real life caught up with them: romantic failures, political ambition, career successes and failures, substance abuse problems, and all the rigours of the post-university world. The eight once-firm friends have not all met together for a decade until they are summoned by their college mentor, Professor Fairfax, who has something important to show them.

Snowbound at the Professor’s rural manor of Barrowbrocks the unthinkable happens: Fairfax is found murdered - and one of the Mystery Solvers is the murderer. While the bleak Yorkshire winter prevents even telephone calls for aid, Fairfax’s students must discover what happened in the twenty-four hours since their arrival. Who ransacked the library, and for what? Where did model Amanda get her bruises? Who changed the combination to the house safe? What became of the lab monkey? How did the Professor’s body come to be lying in virgin snow on the opposite side of the house to his broken study window?

And, of course, there’s the question, “What is the proper end for a murder mystery?”

"Strange and Cozy"
ISBN-10: 1515296946
ISBN-13: 978-1515296942
Published by Space Buggy Press
Release date: August 2015
Retail Price: from $14.21 at Amazon
Kindle Edition available

Cover: Brian P. Easton

Literary history is rich with great Occult Detectives. This volume seeks to honor and add to them as many of today's most talented Occult Detective authors offer their original tales. Steeped in tradition but with a modern edge, the first of two volumes presents 22 tales of monsters, magic and mystery investigated by those that book their trade by it.

"Vinnie De Soth and the Vampire Definition" introduces the down-on-his-luck jobbing occultist hero of I.A. Watson's forthcoming book and sets him against a new breed of undead that do not respect the traditions of their forebears. This is their error. Vinnie knows things. Splatter ensues.

An Interview With Vinnie de Soth

"Occult Detective Monster Hunter: A Grimoire of Eldritch Inquests"
ISBN-10: 1940344212
ISBN-13: 978-1940344218

Published by Emby Press
Release date: March 2015
Hardcover Edition $24.99
Paperback Edition $14.99
Kindle Edition $4.00

Cover: Mike Fyles

THE NEW ADVENTERS OF SEMI DUAL features the return of pulp fiction's first occult detective. From his enthouse sanctum, the reclusive mystic known only as Semi Dual consults on cases where the bizarre and the impossible defy nayural solutions. Adventurous crime reporter Bryce finds the strange occultist an invaluable and dangerous asset in uncovering the darkest and deadliest mysteries of the big city..

In this anthology collection for the Pulp Obscura imprint I.A. Watson contributes “The Curse of Urania” – where a millionire's suicide is complicated when the millionaire's long dead wife seems to appeal to Semi Dual for help in uncovering the truth.

"The New Adventures of Semi Dual"
ISBN 10: 1511433353
ISBN 13: 978-1511433358
Published by Pro Se Press
Release date: April 2015
Retail Price: $9.00 from here
Kindle version available here

Cover: Laura Givens   

The adventures of Hawkeye, Uncas, and Chingatchgook in the year before James Fennimore Cooper’s Last of the Mohicans, brought to life by four of the most celebrated names in adventure storytelling.

I.A. Watson's story, "The Fort of Skulls" sends the pathfinders east into brooding Miscatonic County – H.P. Lovecraft country – where a Redcoat stronghold has been built upon a burial ground of the extinct Misquas tribe. But when the trackers arrive with reinforcements for the troubled fort they find it deserted, save for an unknown intruder who leaves the flayed heads of his enemies for his next victims to find!

"Pride of the Mohicans"
ISBN-10: 0692202358
ISBN-13: 978-0692202357
Published by White Rocket
Release date: April 2014
Retail Price: $15.95 or less
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Cover: Terry Pavlet   

Professor Ulysses King and his companions travel the foldspace between alternate realities to thwart nefarious history-twisting plots from his homeworld Olympus. With Amazonian arena-warrior Pandora, out-of-his-depth reporter Jake Gannon, marked-for-death scientist Crystal Lee, and worlds-spanning travel machine NotTA, King faces those who regard humanity as test subjects, cannon fodder, raw material, or mere entertainment. But there are dangers in foldspace of which neither King nor his enemies are yet aware - those who seek absolute control!

This anthology includes I.A. Watson's story, "Absolute Control".

"The Many Worlds of Ulysses King"
ISBN-10: 1497379539
ISBN-13: 978-1497379534
Published by CreateSpace
Release date: April 2014
Retail Price: $12 or less
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Cover by Malcolm McClinton

THE SPIDER: EXTREME PREJUDICE, a new anthology of hard-boiled crimefighting tales from Moonstone Books

Extreme sworn enemy of crime, The SPIDER clashes against super-criminals whom no one else can handle.

More just than the law, more dangerous than the Underworld...hated, feared, wanted by both. He remains one step ahead of the law in his endless crusade to destroy the human vipers that nest in our society.

In "Prey of the Mask Reaper" I.A. Watson recounts how the Spider and mysterious rival vigilante Black Bat must collaborate to tackle a sadistic enemy who is sytematically destroying mystery men and women and those they love - and who has targeted Spider and Black Bat next!

"The Spider: Extreme Prejudice"
ISBN-10: 1936814463  ISBN-13: 978-1936814466
Release date: July 2013
Edited by Joe Gentile and Tommy Hancock
Published by Moonstone Books
Purchase from Moonstone Books or Amazon

Retail Price: $18.95 Softcover, $29.99 Hardcover

Image © licensed from Clipart.com
Design by Terrence McCauley


Released to celebrate the centenary of New York's palatial Grand Central Rail Terminal, this Amazon bestseller collection includes stories by Ron Fortier, Matt Hilton, Terrence P McCauley, and other pulp fiction luminaries.

I.A. Watson's contribution is "Lost Property", wherein a thug loses his loot, a traveller loses his auntie's hat, and a lonely young luggage checkout clerk will lose her heart - and maybe her life!

Proceeds from this anthology are donated to the New York charity God's Love We Deliver, which works to feed and house the homeless and people in extreme poverty.

"Grand Central Noir"
Release date: 17th June 2013

Edited by Terrence P McCauley
Published by Metropolitan Crime Publishers
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Retail Price: $2.99

Cover by Eric Johns

Welcome to MONSTER EARTH, a world where the Cold War was fought not with the threat of nuclear destruction, but with Giant Monsters. Watch as the denizens of this Earth that might have been learn to harness the power of these legendary creatures for good and ill.

I.A. Watson's Best Short Pulp Story-shortlisted contribution, Famous Monsters of World War II, or Happy Birthday Bobby Fetch, recounts the well-known incident where the terrible Japanese tentacle-beast Kraakus attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941, and outlines the exploits of two courageous youngsters who are the only people able to stand against the unstoppable creature that might turn the course of the war.

"Monster Earth"
ISBN-10: 0615753469  ISBN-13: 978-0615753461
Release date: January 2013
Edited by Jim Beard and James Palmer
Purchase from Createspace   Retail Price: $14.95
$2.99 Kindle version also available at Amazon

Cover by Bryan Fowler


The greatest seafaring adventurer of all times returns to the high seas! From the pages of The Arabian Nights, the swashbuckling explorer sails off to new adventure.

This high-impact volume includes I.A. Watson's award-nominated Sinbad and the Sapphire of the Djinn, featuring clockwork monsters, a prince of thieves, a princess of Bagdad, history's greatest alchemist, a magical airship, and, of course, the mighty and terrible djinn.

"Sinbad: The New Voyages"
ISBN 10: 0615695892  ISBN 13: 978-0615695891
Release date: September 2012

Published by Airship 27
Purchase from Amazon Retail Price: $16.99
Kindle e-version available at here
e-version also available at The Airship 27 Hangar

Preview from Sinbad and the Sapphire of the Djinn

Cover: Pat Carabjal    Interiors: Phil Cho

continues the ocean-spaning adventures of Arabian legend's most famous swashbuckler and his eclectic, eccentric crew.

I.A. Watson's story, "Sinbad and the Rakshasa's Game" pits the imprisoned sailor against a Rakshasa demon of Indian myth and a beautiful princess who must defeat him at the villain's games or die. Can Sinbad manage the impossible, defeat a master of illusion, rescue a kidnapped damsel, and escape the Tower of Bones, or will he be devoured like many travellers before him?

One guess.

"Sinbad: The New Adventures volume 4"
ISBN-10: 0692336036
ISBN-13: 978-0692336038
Published by Airship 27
Release date: November 2014
Retail Price: $16.14
Kindle Edition available
$3 e-version also available at
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Cover by Mike Fyles, design by Sean Ali

Reviving the classic African adventurer from the Golden Age of Pulp, ARMLESS O'NEIL: BLOOD PRICE OF THE MISSIONARY'S GOLD introduces a whole new audience to hook-handed O'Neil's dangerous world of lost treasures, merciless mercenaries, sudden danger, and jungle adventure. I.A. Watson pens the title story, Blood Price of the Missionary's Gold, in which O'Neil must save a beautiful missionary's daughter from the marauders who hunt both her and a fortune in lost blood-gold - and the vital clue is a recipe for monkey stew!

"Armless O'Neil: Blood Price of the Missionary's Gold"
ISBN-10: 1477651306  ISBN-13: 978-1477651308
Release date: June 2012

Produced by Airship 27
Published by Pro Se Publications' Pulp Obscura imprint
Purchase from Pro Se here Retail Price: $12.00
$2.99 e-version also available at Smashwords

Cover: Mike Fyles

Donald E Keyhoe’s airman detective debuted in FLYING ACES Magazine in the 1930s. Now the millionaire flyboy G-Man is back in THE NEW ADVENTURES OF RICHARD KNIGHT, first in the Pulp Obscura imprint of revived classic pulp characters.

In “The Hostage Academy”, I.A. Watson recounts the events around a series of supposed air crash deaths and the sinister organisation that turns them to its advantage. When Knight’s girlfriend is amongst those presumed dead there is nothing he will not do to discover the truth – and to take his revenge!

ISBN-10: 1469986787
ISBN-13: 978-1469986784
Published by Pro Se Press
Release date: January 2012
Retail Price: $12.00
$2.99 e-version also available at Smashwords


Cover: Rob Davis & Shane Evans
Interiors: Rob Davis

In the tradition of Robert E. Howard’s puritan adventurer, GIDEON CAIN: DEMON HUNTER stalks the dark corners of the 17th century in a bitter struggle to thwart the forces of evil from overwhelming the realm of men. Tormented by his past, last champion of an ancient line, only Cain stands against the demon Azazel and its coming apocalypse.

I.A. Watson’s account of “The Girl in the Glass Coffin” was Nominated Best Short Story in both the Pulp Factory Awards 2010, and Pulp Ark Awards 2010.

"Gideon Cain: Demon Hunter"
ISBN 1-934935-74-3
ISBN 13: 978-1-934935-74-3
Produced by Airship 27 and White Rocket Books
Published by Cornerstone Publishers
Release date: November 2011
Retail Price: $21.95
$3 e-version also available at The Airship 27 Hangar


Preview from "The Girl in the Glass Coffin"

Cover: James Burns  Interiors: Chris Kohler

A betrayed soldier from the present awakes on post-apocalyptic Mars. With a genetically-engineered Mock Man and a sorceress princess he must rise to be a champion in a world ruled and ravaged by scientist mages. BLACKTHORN: THUNDER ON MARS mixes the styles of Edgar Rice Burroughs and Jack Kirby to create a vibrant alien world of passion, action, and intrigue.

In “The Ghosts of Acheron”, I.A. Watson reveals what lies in the valley that even the science-mages fear to enter. This tale received nominations for two best short story awards.

"Blackthorn: Thunder On Mars"
ISBN 10: 0984139265
ISBN 13: 978-1- 0984139265
Published by White Rocket Books
Release date: December 2011
Retail Price: $15.95
$3 e-version also available

Cover: Danny Wall

Van Allen Plexico’s popular Sentinels superhero adventure series includes on volume of “guest authors”. I.A. Watson’s story in

“We got out the mud and the bloodstains. And the regret and the betrayal, though those are harder to sponge off. Now we have to try and patch it. Special order. We don’t ask customers’ names here. We just do laundry.

WONDERLUST #12 features “Mr Lye's Laundry of Doom” in which a young woman with a past works off an unusual pennance.

Free online: Mr Lye's Laundry of Doom

Produced by Planetary Stories
Release date: November 2013

"What would we do if we saw them, Harry?"

WONDERLUST #8 includes “Rostherne: A Tale of Ghost Hunting” in which a young couple maintain their annual Hallowe'en vigil at a ruined priory where a tale of forbidden love once played out.

Free online from Wonderlust: Rostherne

Produced by Planetary Stories
Release date: June 2012

“Sometimes it happens that a tulpa turns sour. Very rarely a Meh-Teh slips too far into being and rampages across the mountains, stealing livestock or even children, raping women, doing terrible things. Mi-go, the local people call them then, wild men. Then we must focus our efforts on uncreating the creature, disassembling it so it is no more and cannot return, pushing it back into the void from which it was first drawn”

WONDERLUST #8 also features “The Tulpa” in which Tibetan secrets do not mix well with Western experience.

Free online from Wonderlust: The Tulpa

Produced by Planetary Stories
Release date: June 2012

"I've got to tell you the truth about Mr Caplin's insurance claim"

PLANETARY STORIES #18 features “Loss Adjustment” wherein an insurance claims inspector investigates a car allegedly damaged by aliens. He didn’t expect to find a firsthand witness who wasn’t human.

Free online from Planetary Stories

Produced by Planetary Stories
Release date: February 2011

Cover: Rob Davis

"Robin Hood and the Slavers of Whitby" in PULP SPIRIT MAGAZINE #14 offers another adventure for the cast of I.A Watson’s award-winning Robin Hood trilogy (detailed above).

Robin’s old flame, Clorinda, Queen of the Shepherdesses, calls for help when her people are enslaved by the Sheriff of Nottingham to mine precious jet from the Whitby sea-cliffs. Robin must take on the dangerous rescue mission – with Marion along to watch him.

Free online from Pulp Spirit

Produced by Planetary Stories
Release date: 1st February 2012

Cover: Will Meugniot

ALL STAR PULP COMICS #2 is an anthology of graphic illustrated stories from Airship 27 and Rosebud Studios. It includes Robin Hood: Lionheart's Gold written by I.A. Watson and illustrated by Rob Davis. Proceeds from the first six months' sales of this volume donated to the Boston Red Cross.

With King Richard imprisoned for ransom in Europe, his mother the manipulative Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine vies with his ambitious brother Prince John to control the vast treasure that could free the Lionheart or condemn him to perpetual imprisonment - and Robin Hood is caught in the middle of the fight!.

"All-Star Pulp Comics #2"
Release date: May 2013

Edited by Ron Fortier and Rob Davis
Published by Airship 27 and Rosebud Studios
Purchase from Indy Planet   Retail Price: $7.99

Note that I.A. Watson content from this issue also appears in Robin Hood: Freedom's Outlaw

Cover: Sean E. Ali   

"Robin Hood and the Maiden of the Tower" in PRO SE PRESENTS: Winter/Spring 2014    The dying days of 1191: Young beautiful Melisende is taken hostage, held close in the Tower of London, to be tortured into forced marriage with one of Prince John's closest political cronies - Lord William de Vendenal, High Sheriff of Nottingham! Melisende's secret admirer remains behind to attempt the impossible - rescue the damsel from the most secure fortress in England! The young knight's sister insists that he be found and aided - and bold Adam's sister Matilda is better known as Maid Marion, Lady of Sherwood, true love and inspiration of the outlaw rogue Robin Hood!

Join Robin and his merry men as they head to London and take on Lackland, Sheriff, thief-rakers, beggar-king, and all comers, and tackle the impossible mission of reuniting young Adam and his fair Melisende - by stealing the whole of Londom from the usurper prince!

"Pro Se Presents: Winter/Spring 2014"
ISBN-10: 1496001478
ISBN-13: 978-1496001474
Published by Pro Se Press
Release date: February 2014
Retail Price: $9
Kindle Edition available here

Note that the I.A. Watson content of this volume is now also included in Robin Hood: Freedom's Outlaw


Free online fiction from I.A Watson

Rostherne – A romantic tale of midnight ghost-hunting

The Crusade – An account of two of the the thousands of children who set to convert the Holy Land in the 13th century; written for a children’s charity appeal

The Never-Ending Battle – A Superman fan finds a real-life rescue is very different from the comic books

The Wedding Wake – When a groom is murdered by enemy clansman on the eve of his wedding he still expects to have his wedding night

Before Dawn – A different account of the familiar Easter story

Rescue Me – A bold knight rescues a beautiful princess from a terrible dragon, but his troubles are only just beginning.

The First Day of the Rest of Their Lives – Written as a wedding gift, this story details a strange honeymoon encounter with some important advice.


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