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A betrayed soldier from the present awakes on post-apocalyptic Mars. With a genetically-engineered Mock Man and a sorceress princess he must rise to be a champion in a world ruled and ravaged by scientist mages. BLACKTHORN: THUNDER ON MARS mixes the styles of Edgar Rice Burroughs and Jack Kirby to create a vibrant alien world of passion, action, and intrigue.

Nominated as Best Pulp Anthology in the Pulp Ark Awards and contining two Best Pulp Story nominations from both the Pulp Ark Awards and the Pulp Factory awards, this collections sets the scene for all that comes after.

Created by Van Allen Plexico (Sentinels, Lucian), the book features stories by New Pulp luminaries Mark Bousquet, Joe Crowe, Bobby Nash, James Palmer, Sean Taylor, I. A. Watson, and Plexico, along with six full-page illustrations by Chris Kohler (Sentinels).  In addition, the Kindle edition includes two bonus stories not included in the upcoming trade paperback edition, by Mark Beaulieu and Danny Wall.  Cover art and design are by James Burns (Lance Star: One Shot).

"Beginning as affectionate homage to popular works like THUNDAAR THE BARBARIAN and JOHN CARTER OF MARS, the series goes on to develop its own tone and mythology that will take you to the far future, another world - and to the heart of adventure." Reader Timothy Hines

"Blackthorn: Thunder on Mars is an anthology containing seven entertaining stories about a new pulp hero. The concept is drawn from traditional archetypes - Van Allen Plexico unashamedly admits to influence from Thundarr the Barbarian, John Carter of Mars, a text from the Maya and many more in the introduction - and uses this to its advantage rather than detriment, adding just enough new material to just enough older ideas to create an exciting, innovative and yet reassuringly familiar world." 5-star Amazon review from Rose

“The awesome array of talent assembled on this book really speaks for itself, and guarantees a fun time will be had by all. Each of the writers jumped on the project with huge enthusiasm and each brought something unique and very exciting to the table.And there’s no question Chris Kohler, who is also interior artist on my Sentinels superhero novels, has done some of the best work of his career here with BLACKTHORN.” Editor Van Allen Plexico

“BLACKTHORN is one of the best sword-and-sorcery spaceman anthologies to arrive on Earth, or Mars, in the last century or more. Clearly inspired by an equal combination of Hanna-Barbera’s ‘Thundarr the Barbarian,’ DC Comics’ ‘Kamandi,’ and Edgar Rice Burroughs’ ‘John Carter of Mars,’ BLACKTHORN is an original, entertaining, action-packed saga.” New Pulp author Wayne Reinagel

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"Blackthorn: Thunder On Mars"
ISBN 10: 0984139265
ISBN 13: 978-1- 0984139265
Published by White Rocket Books
Release date: December 2011
Retail Price: $15.95$3
e-version also available


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