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"Robin Hood: King of Sherwood"
ISBN: 0692317910
ISBN 13: 978-0692317914
Current edition published by Airship 27
First edition published by Cornerstone Books
Release date: March 2010
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$3 e-version also available at the Airship 27 Hangar

"Robin Hood: Arrow of Justice"
ISBN: 0692322280
ISBN-13: 978-0692322284
Current edition published by Airship 27
First edition published by Cornerstone Books
Release date: July 2011
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$3 e-version also available at the Airship 27 Hangar

"Robin Hood: Freedom's Outlaw"
ISBN: 0-615852-94-7
ISBN 13: 978-0-615852-94-2
Produced by Airship 27
Release date: July 2013
Purchase in paperback or Kindle
$3 e-version also available at the Airship 27 Hangar

"Robin Hood: Freedom's Outlaw"
ISBN: 0692317759
ISBN-13: 978-0692317754
Produced by Airship 27
Release date: October 2014
Purchase in paperback or Kindle
$3 e-version also available at the Airship 27 Hangar

When the law is used to oppress the helpless, justice can only come from an outlaw.


England in A.D. 1190 isn’t so merrie. While King Richard the Lionheart crusades in the Holy Land his country is torn apart by his venal brother Prince John, by powerful barons, by scheming churchmen, by ruthless marauders. The very men charged to protect the people become their tyrants.


When an old knight’s daughter is dragged off by forest bandits her future looks bleak – until she’s stolen again by the wild laughing outlaw who calls himself Robin Hood. But the young rebel has met his match in the fiery Marion, who forces him to take up the cause of the oppressed and the downtrodden as the people’s champion.


Hunted by Sheriff’s guards, Prince’s soldiers, and bandit killers, Robin and Marion must turn the tide, bring hope to the helpless – and spawn a legend!


Nominated for Best Pulp Novel of 2010 in both the Pulp Factory Awards and the Pulp Ark Awards, ROBIN HOOD: KING OF SHERWOOD covers the earliest days of the outrageous outlaw’s exploits. From his meetings with Little John, Friar Tuck, and Will Scarlet to his explosive clash with the sadistic Sir Guy of Gisbourne, this volume chronicles the rise of the forest lord.


ROBIN HOOD: ARROW OF JUSTICE continues the story as the scheming Sheriff of Nottingham plots the outlaw’s downfall. Including some of Robin’s most famous feats, including competing for the Golden Arrow at the Sheriff’s archery contest and helping Alan a Dale to rescue his bride from a cruel forced marriage, this volume brings the swashbuckling scofflaw together once more with the feisty Maid Marion to shake the foundations of Prince John’s England.


ROBIN HOOD: FREEDOM'S OUTLAW concludes the trilogy with an account of Prince John’s brutal attempts to finally crush the Sherwood outlaws and all who stand with them. Facing overwhelming odds, with Marion’s family besieged and the Sheriff’s vicious trap closing on him, Robin Hood must accomplish the impossible and save the day – or be destroyed.

ROBIN HOOD: FORBIDDEN LEGEND covers the subsequent exploits of Robin and his outlaws as they struggle to keep the flame of freedom burning in a land where Prince John's grip gets ever tighter and the Sheriff off Nottingham is closer to catching them every day.


In "Robin Hood and the Maiden of the Tower", young beautiful Melisende de Longchamp is taken hostage, held close in the Tower of London, to be tortured into forced marriage with one of Prince John's closest political cronies - Lord William de Vendenal, High Sheriff of Nottingham! But Melisende's secret admirer remains behind to attempt the impossible - rescue the damsel from the most secure fortress in England! The young knight's sister insists that he be found and aided - and bold Adam's sister Matilda is better known as Maid Marion, Lady of Sherwood, true love and inspiration of the outlaw rogue Robin Hood!


"Robin Hood and the Slavers of Whitby" sees Robin’s old flame Clorinda, Queen of the Shepherdesses, call him for help when her people are enslaved by the Sheriff of Nottingham to mine precious jet from the Whitby sea-cliffs. Robin must take on the dangerous rescue mission – with Marion along to watch him.


"Lionheart's Gold" is a short comic book tale illustrated by Rob Davis. With King Richard imprisoned for ransom in Europe, his mother the manipulative Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine vies with his ambitious brother Prince John to control the vast treasure that could free the Lionheart or condemn him to perpetual imprisonment - and Robin Hood is caught in the middle of the fight!


And "Robin Hood and the Black Monk" chronicles the last days of the outlaws' struggle against the Sheriff and his agents. As England erupts into civil war with rumours of Richard the Lionheart's return, only Robin and his merry men can thwart the Sheriff's plan to hand the nation over to conquest by France - but stopping him requires Robin to steal mighty Nottingham Castle itself!


Shortlisted for the PULP FACTORY AWARDS for Best Novel 2010 (vol 1), 2011 (vol 2), 2013 (vol 3) and Best Anthology 2016 respectively.



What readers said about I.A. Watson's Robin Hood:


“There's no dearth of fiction and filmography out there devoted to the Robin Hood mythos, so it is not an easy task to come up with a new twist on the old saga. I.A. Watson does just that, giving us a Robin Hood who is more a man of the people who unwittingly becomes inspired to become their champion, than a nobleman who takes to the outlaw life solely to fight tyranny. The background of this story is well-researched historically speaking, to the point of having footnotes that are very instructive and enhance the understanding of the time period it was set in. Yet this is still a pure and unadulterated adventure in the grand pulp tradition. One of the best books I've read in quite a while, and that includes many over-hyped offerings from mainstream publishers, of which this taut little volume puts to shame.”


“I thought the story was hugely entertaining, and I'm not exaggerating when I say it has jumped the list to be my favorite telling of the Robin Hood legend. It was a joy to see how the classic characters all fell into their roles, and unlike some modern "origin retold" stories it never felt contrived, or as if the pieces were being arranged with a crude nudge and a wink at the audience. The flow was quite natural, and the elements of the legend and the characters wove together beautifully, thoroughly convincing me that this is the way they always should have come into being. Most of all, I quite enjoyed the pulp style take on the characters, where the heroes are charming, fun and the reader genuinely enjoys spending time with them, while the villains are cruel, dastardly, and the pages turn from a desire to see them meet justice.”


“I.A. Watson did a wonderful job of assembling the familiar myth in new and believable ways, making the reader care about even the more minor characters and giving depth and value to the world that they live in. The footnotes are fascinating, providing a wealth of background information, but can still be safely ignored by anyone just wanting to enjoy the story.”


“It’s a real joy to see these familiar characters jump to life in I.A. Watson’s stories. The dialogue is crisp and fresh, never jarringly modern but always surprisingly contemporary. Each cast member comes to life, individual, unmistakable, unforgettable. This is historical adventure drama as it should be done.”


“These characters just dance off the page and into your imagination. You live and laugh and bleed with them. Somehow that whole world just seems real.”


“And what a grand finale!! Everything gets pulled together, everyone gets a pay-off story ending, everything gets tied up and it all just feels right and natural.”


“People who don’t read these magnificent stories are missing out. There’s something here for everyone – action, mystery, romance, humor, politics, strategy, history and just plain fun. Highly recommended.”



PREVIOUS PUBLICATIONS, a gallery of I.A. Watson's other Robin Hood publications that have now been revised and collected into ROBIN HOOD: FREEDOM'S OUTLAW.


Pulp Spirit #14, February 2012
No longer in print
Cover: Rob Davis

All-Star Pulp Comics #2, May 2013
No longer in print
Cover: Will Meugniot

Pro Se Presents: Winter/Spring 2014
Still available on Kindle
Cover: Sean E. Ali


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