Interview with a Jobbing Occultist

Being an introductory piece to Vinnie de Soth and the Vampire Definition

By I.A. Watson



INTERVIEWER: So, Vinnie, your business card calls you a "Jobbing Occultist"?

VINNIE DE SOTH: Um, yes. I wanted it to say "Consulting Occultist", because, you know, it sounds better than "Desperate guy working out of the back of a seedy Soho bookshop, please, please hire me because I need to pay my rent," but the extra letters would have put the printing up a price bracket.

INTERVIEWER (distracted): Ah. I was wondering whether the tiny broken desk in a cluttered new age store was a life choice. Maybe it has some mystical significance?

VINNIE: I suppose I might still be working off a few karma curses from my mother. Or my brother. Or my sisters. Or my ex-fiancée. Or any of my other enemies. Mostly I'm just not that great about collecting fees for the work I do.

INTERVIEWER: But you are an occultist? Who presumably jobs.

VINNIE: Well, I'm also an alternative lifestyle consultant, feng shui advisor, astrology chart debugger, and emergency exorcist. Whatever brings the work in, really. My landlord can be pretty offensive otherwise. Well, his t-shirts are.

INTERVIEWER: That's an unusual career choice. What made you take up that kind of job?

VINNIE: Honestly? When I sort of walked out on my family there wasn't a lot else I knew how to do. House De Soth has been doing the weird for more centuries than you'd believe. When there was a bit of a falling out and I needed to leave I had to find some kind of paying gig. It was this or burgers. Actually, a fast-food chain would probably pay more.

INTERVIEWER: This is a family business, then?

VINNIE: Er, no. My family, my ex-family that is, is more on the cause-the-arcane-problems side usually. I suppose I'm the white sheep of the de Soths. The rest are… not so white. But I will say this for growing up in a clan of murderous evil mages, you really get to practice your arcane survival skills.

INTERVIEWER: I can never tell when you're being serious.

VINNIE: I don't know why you have to be called "Interviewer". Honestly, Annette, talking like this is difficult enough. Why can't I just call you by name?

INTERVIEWER, WHO MAY OR MAY NOT BE ANNETTE: It's a professional thing. Like you not giving your hair and nail clippings to witches. Anyway, you owe me for nearly getting me killed by those punk vampires.

VINNIE: I know. Who still goes punk? Even if you were sucked dry in the 70s or early 80s, it's time to move on.

INTERVIEWER: Can we just… not talk about the blood-drinking undead? Let's try and keep this normal enough so I can sell the piece to one of those far-out alternate lifestyle online blogs. Nobody is going to believe you hunt vampires for a living.

VINNIE: Good, because I don't. Not just vampires, anyway. Ghosts. Poltergeists. Werewolves and other skinshifters. Brain-eating Ghouls – the evil ones anyhow. Saaiitaii manifestations if they're not too big or gross. Fairies.


VINNIE: What? There are fairies. You just have to know not to take their bribes. They always turn to piles of leaves by morning. Even the ones made by credit card.

INTERVIEWER: Well apart from the, um, those things you just listed, what sort of services do you provide? More normal services.

VINNIE: Mostly small stuff. Curse removal. Karma readings. Online tarot fantasies. The odd bit of editing for ghost writing. Wart charming if I have to. But sometimes something a little more serious comes along and I have to get a bit more proactive.

INTERVIEWER: Like the thing with the vampires?

VINNIE: Kind of, yeah. Look, you survived. That's generally a plus in these kind of encounters. You even got a story out of it.

INTERVIEWER: A story my editor dismissed as fiction. The only place I could get it in print was in a horror anthology. Look in a collection called "Occult Detective Monster Hunter: A Grimoire of Eldritch Inquests." You're in there.

VINNIE: That's sort of nice. Great-granddad was in Heinrich Kremer's Malleus Maleficarum. My sister thinks she's in the Book of Revelations.

INTERVIEWER: There is one more thing I should maybe mention, Vinnie. And I'm really sorry about this. My editor wasn't one hundred percent approving of your expense and fee vouchers for that vampire thing.

VINNIE (WINCING): What percentage of approving was he, Annette?

INTERVIEWER: Zero percent? I'm sorry, Vin. I mean, there you were saving the world and stuff, and you don't even get to collect for the Tube fare. It's not right.

VINNIE: Hey, you wanted to know what Vinnie de Soth is about? Now you get it.

INTERRUPTION FROM ALTO TUMOUR, OWNER OF THE OCCULT BOOKSHOP WHERE VINNIE WORKS: Hey, de Soth! There's some guy out here says he needs help with a cursed dagger. Could you get it out of him before he bleeds on the carpet any more?

VINNIE: Ah. Sounds like I have to go. Sorry Annette – I mean, Interviewer. Coming, Alto! Does the guy with the cursed blade also have a wallet…?

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