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Welcome. Enter freely and of your own will. Herein are the strange materials which I have contributed to the Tales of the Parodyverse website, a long-running superhero comics parody fiction online community.

The characters and situations are summarised for the baffled in The Who's Who of the Parodyverse and the The Where's Where of the Parodyverse.If you prefer your information in a more entertaining narrative form, you could also look at our introductory story, Welcome to the Parodyverse. If you'd like to contribute your own Parodyverse stories you may want to look at the Parodyverse Frequently Asked Questions page. We welcome new writers.

And so to the stories:

Lair Legion: Year One

The origin of the Parodyverse's greatest heroes, the start of the whole confusing narrative.

The Hooded Hood Chronicles

The original series of stories I wrote for the Parodyverse, which introduce one of the Parodyverse's greatest villains, and culminate in the cosmic melodrama of the First Coming of Galactivac, the Living Death that Sucks.

Untold Tales of the Lair Legion #1-44 #45-100
#101-150 #151-200 #201-250 #251-300 #301-

The adventures of the Parodyverse's mightiest heroes - such as they are. These adventures loosely follow on from the Hood Chronicles above. If anything will give you an idea of what the Parodyverse is about it's these, I'm afraid.

The Journals of Sir Mumphrey Wilton

The story of one old buffer who meets the most extraordinary people and wanders through the bizarrest of scrapes but gets home in time for tea.

The Premiere Series

The culture clash of two superhero societies, and the adventures of the mightiest hero of two worlds.

Saving the Future

The longest saga in the long history of long Parodyverse sagas.

Boss Deadeyes

A murdered 1930s gangster returns as an undead in the modern day to reclaim his criminal empire.

Herringcarp Gothic

The dark history and sinister destiny of Herringcarp Asylum and its principal victims.

Other Stories

All the stuff that doesn't easily fit into other sections is right here.

And more:

Parodyverse Stories by Other Writers

are also archived here, collected by year of publication.

1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 1999, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008,2009, 2010 and 2011+

The Picture Galleries feature images of the characters of the Parodyverse, by the talented posters Visionary, Dancer, and others.

The Links Page will take you to some more Parodyverse archives if you're thirsting for other stories from other writers.

The Lair Legion Living Room is an online chat room specially for the Parodyverse. It's usually a good idea to post a message on the Parodyverse board to say you're waiting to talk.

Note: Many of the pages reproduced on this site are drawn from the predecessor sites to "Tales of the Parodyverse". These sites no longer exist, and the links won't operate.

Other Materials:

Ian Watson's Avengers Message Board Comments, a selection of essays and dialogues drawn from the bulletin board.

Avengers: Underground Drawing on the events up to the end of the Marvel Comics Avengers title at #403, Avengers: Underground follows the adventures of some of the heroes thereafter as they uncover a conspiracy that could destroy the modern age of marvels!

Other Short Stories, linking various miscellaneous bits of fiction that don't fit anywhere else.


Original concepts, characters, and situations copyright 1999-2016 reserved by Ian Watson. Other Parodyverse characters copyright 1999-2016 to their creators. These are works of parody. The use of characters and situations reminiscent of other popular works are in fair-use parody and do not constitute a challenge to the copyrights or trademarks of those works. The right of Ian Watson to be identified as the author of this work has been asserted by him in accordance with the UK Copyright, Designs & Patents Act 1988. All rights reserved.

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