Lair Legion Living Room

For instructions and rules please scroll down.

Use a Java(tm) enabled Browser to Chat!!!

How to use this chat room:

You will need a java-enabled browser.

Type your chosen name or nickname into the box which says YourName in it.

Click the button marked connect.

Your name will appear in the right hand column, along with the names of all those other people who are in the chat room.

Type what you want to say in the horizontal box at the bottom. When you hit return it will appear along with everybody else's comments in the left hand column.

If you want your text to be coloured, click on one of the colours on the bottom right.

If you want the chat room enlarged to full screen, click on the In Window button and then enlarge the new window that opens up with the chat room in it.

For a list of more complicated commands and options that I haven't figured out yet, click on the Help button.

Rules of use:

This chat room is set up for discussions by the folks who frequent the Tales of the Parodyverse spoof superhero fan-fiction board. We welcome all pleasant visitors there and here. But if you're using the site then you're also agreeing to abide by its rules.

While the webmaster can't be held responsible for people's behaviour in the chat room, people being offensive or unpleasant will be banned and traced. We're getting pretty good at it, and IPP providers are getting less and less amused and more and more helpful about abuses. So please play nice. Report abuses to the webmaster.

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