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> Of special interest is Yo-Planet, bunny-friendly homeworld of the pure thought being Yo-people (of which Yo is one).
True enough. My secret origin say a bit more about it, but with these entry should be enough. Nosotros is the Supreme being. Others Yo-beings are Ella, El, Tu, Yi. All of that was explained in the infamous "Yo-Quest"

> The Happy Place is a conceptual realm of sheer happiness (and bunnies), from which Yo’s people proceed

Yo's people dosen't proceed from the happy place but from Yo-planet. That dosen't mind they don't love to go there as much as possible, so the confusion could be understanding

>And to which they and others can return when especially happy or at times of great stress (hence the phrase “I’m in my happy place”). Its keeper is the pure thought being Yi. Some people, such as the villainous Hooded Hood, cannot get here.

That sounds okay. BTW, I think spiffy came w the idea of the happy place. If that is true, we should ask him better than me about it. and whoever write stories about it

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