Golden age IDEAS, a giude to the heroes of WW2

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Golden age IDEAS
The Lair Society of Justice -- Justice Society of America
CrazySugarBlast-OffLad! - CSFHero of that time. Honary member, founding member.
Fast Service - Flash/Jarvis, founding member.
Mr. Amazing - Green Lantern/Amazing Guy, founding member.
Pigionman - Hawkman, founding member.
Postcard - Atom/Messenger, founding member.
Sandsleeper - Sandman/ Dancer, founding member.
Dr. Dark-nite - Dr. Mid-nite/Dark Knight (kind of)
Hourly Crusader - Hourman, founding member.
Historia001 - Wonder Woman/Troia 215
Jonny Yoyo - Jonny Thunder/Yo
Power Rod - Starman/ Exile
WildHare - Wildcat/Jack Rabbit
Dr. Mystery - Dr. Fate/Omnisoul, founding member.
Outerspecter - Specter/SpaceGhost during that time. Founding member.
Henry Vatarra - Zatarra/HV honary member. Provided their brownstone HQ in GothemMetropolis York.

The Golden Age Matadors (GAMs) formaly Invaders for Freedom -- Invaders/Freedom Fighters
American Joe - Captain America/Uncle Sam/ Goldeneyed, founding member
Spunky - Bucky
Crusher - founding member
Burning Boy - Human Torch/Toro/ Firebrand 1, founding member (brother to Miss Burner)
40's fan - founding member
Bongjiii - Sub Mariner/Aquaman plus Banjooo, doesn’t know he’s a sea monkey
GhostWoman -- Phantom Lady
Dolly - Dollman
Human Fart – Human Bomb/ Dynamite boy
Black Falcon – Black Condor/Falcon
Beam - Ray
The Matador – the Whip (died)

Other heroes that fought on the front lines
Dan Drury and his Howlin' Joes of Sleazy Company
Sir Mumphrey Wilton
The DarkHwks

Seven Super-Guys -- Seven Soldiers of Victory
Sir Valiant - Shinning Knight/ Ausgardien so Donar like.
Cobra - female Crimson Avenger/Wing plus Cobra
GoldenBow - Green Arrow/ Trickshot
Archer boy - Speedy
Sheriff Dirk - Vigilante
Star-Spangled Weedboy – Star-Spangled Kid/spiffy
Cavy - Stripesy/ Caveguy

All Star Winner’s Squadron -- All-Star Squadron/ All Winner’s Squad

All heroes that operated during the war.
Core group
Liberty Lis - Liberty Belle/Ms. America plus Lisa
Quickstreak - Jonny Quick/Wizzer plus Swift
Fakeman - Robotman/Visionary
Miss Burner - Firebrand2 /Cheryl
Pigiongirl - Hawkgirl
Sgt. Iron - Commander Steel / NTU-150
Arachnid -- Tarantula
Others active during that time, also members
Sleepy the snoring boy – Sandy, Sandsleeper’s partner.
Golden Girl - Is Sersi!
Guardmaster -Guardian/ Cap
Elasticguy – Plasticman/ Paste Pot Pete
Golden Age Captain Marbles -- Captain Marvel/ Starseed (shouts GAAAH! And is transformed)
ManManhunter and Butch the Bulldog -- Manhunter/ManMan (without Knifey) Joe Kirkland
ManManhunter - Manhunter/ManMan – wears a blue mask and red jumpsuit. Paul Fortune
Dragonmaster – Judomaster with small ties to Finny
Tigerboy - Tiger (Judomaster’s partner)
Madam Sorceress – Sargon the Sorcerer/ Sorceress (Hagatha?)
HairWave - Airwave

The entire memberships of:
The Lair Society of Justice
Seven Super-Guys
The Golden Age Matadors (GAMs)
Special mention
Justin Tyme

Honored dead
Plaid Bee – Red Bee d. Pearl Harbor
The Matador (ooops, didnt mean to give it away.)

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