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Ham-Boy (Fred Harris), has thepower to control assorted meat by-products, but not meat in it's natural form. Some of his other powers include a Ham Sense, which tells if evil is near by & Meat Vision, which makes meat appear when he stares at long enough. He is from Piney Oaks, Iowa but is currently living in Goth Haven, a city near Parodipolis. He is going to college at Goth Haven University. Most reconizible about him, when in costume, is his cowl that looks like a ham. He can be seen driving around on his Ham-Scooter. Janis Harris-Smith & Jordan Smith are Fred Harris' parents, Jordan is Fred's step father. Betty Stevens is Fred's childhood friend & Jasper Stevens' Cousin. Janis, Betty know that Fred is Ham-Boy, but Jordan is unaware of the fact even that he has been told, multiple times.

The Disgruntles, are a collection of the Ham-Boy's arch foes & all the The members are disgruntled (hence the name). There one mission is to corner Ham-Boy & beat him up. After that they don't really know what they are going to do. The Disgruntles may never completing there mission, they fight to much with each other & aren't well informed. Their membership includes there Leader, The Evil Captain Crunch (Robert Crunch). The Deputy Leader, Dr. Peacock (Dr. Peter Cox, D.D.S), Kitty Boom Boom (Amantha "Amy" Leonard), Auntie Freeze (Ivana Poliduski) & Grammar. Grammar doesn't have a real name. Everyone in the Disgruntles has fought Ham-Boy at least once, except Kitty Boom Boom. Her father (Erik Leonard) has & he currently imprisoned at The Safe on Flanagan Island & that granted her membership to the group.

E.C.O.L.I. is a secert society. Not much is known at this point about them but they have a hatred of Ham-Boy & want him dead, Ham-Boy has never met them before. They are lead by the mysterious Patriarch. E.C.O.L.I. employs a small group of assassins called The Grave Diggers to carry out certain missions. The Grave Diggers include The Grey Death, a Russian assassin, Threesome (Stacey, Tracey & Lacey), a set of deathly triplets, Boulder (Benjamin Marco), a man with the power to turn into rock & Enchantra (Britney Green), the murderous mistress of magik. E.C.O.L.I. also works under the alias of iLOCE, a computer software company, but this is not public knowledge.

Jack Squat is a detective for the Goth Haven Police Department. He also claims to know everything, but he doesn't his all seeing eye dog does. He is an informate in his spare time & friend of Ham-Boy.

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