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This message Who's Who of the Parodyverse- - -Falcon Edition 1.0.! was posted by Falcon on Sunday, April 28, 2002 at 08:00.

SPUD Helping Action Heroes (SHAH)

SHAH is a division of SPUD. It was created by Falcon to lower the crime rate in Parodiopolis, but will probably give criminals another reason to show up.

Falcon (Joe Wilson) is the leader of SHAH, and the most experienced crime fighter on the team. With the power of flight already his, Joe set out to improve upon the Falcon armor his uncle gave him, and added some key features. He has the ability to fire missiles out of his wings, enhanced strength and speed, and various other gadgets. He continues to improve on the suit.

Depot (Doug Giles) was created by Hassis, an electronics company, to kill the Falcon. As the Armored Assaulter, he nearly did, before being foiled by White-Out Man. He suffered amnesia, and now fightís on Falconís side. His armor conceals almost every weapon known to man. He is a big fan of Force Works.

Pigeon (Julia Thompson) is the girlfriend of the Falcon. She is an excellent gymnast, and a fair hand-to-hand fighter. She may have other powers.

Captain Bumblebee is a technological insect. An android, his powers and origin is vague, although he has information on every villain in existence. He also has enhanced senses, and can understand any language.

Q-Man (Quaggy Quagmire) is a mutant. When in the shadows, he is nearly omnipotent. When out of the shadows, he can change the temperature of his surrounding area, and has limited control over magnetism. He also holds something called a Q-Spike.

Stone Fury (Joe Stone) is possibly the most powerful member of SHAH. He is strong-willed to the point that his will enabled him to acquire the powers of teleportation and ice generation. He travels on a Zamboni.

Orangewing (Warren Unworthyton) was chosen by Otmar, the Shang-ri La God of Earthly Affairs, to be the protector of a valuable can of Pepsi. He was given super-strength and heat generation, as well as a swiss army knife and a cow.

Crocodile Hunters

As revealed here first, Wombat Fighter created his own Australian superteam. They more than likely are based in Florida. The civilian identities of the Croc Hunters are not known.

Wombat Fighter is the leader and founder of the Croc Hunters. He has a super intellect, and wields a spatula.

Captain Platypus has more common sense than anyone else in the universe. He uses a sled to get around.

Hawkette is an archer who canít use a bow and arrow. She makes up for this by having superhuman accuracy at throwing things, and is resistant to poison.

Black Person is the Croc Hunterís answer to diversity. He has X-Ray Vision.

Mud Man is the final member of the Crocodile Hunters. He shoots mud out of a gun, and has a photographic memory.

Solo Heroes

Starstrike has been cursed with super-strength. He also can survive in space, and has something called a moon rocket.

Baby God is a mythological god, and is 3 months old. He can talk, however, and is resistant to poison of all types. He also is smarter than the av-er-age newborn.

Voodoo Monkey was created to serve and aid the Baby God. As of right now, it can only glow in the dark and predict weather.

Invisible Skier is an invisible skier. When invisible, he can see in all directions at once. He is an expert at using skis and ski poles as weapons.


White-Out Man is the first villain that Falcon ever faced. He is a brilliant scientist with the power to steal memories from people. The memory-less person than turns white.

Suicide Bee is a longtime enemy of Captain Bumblebee. He has limited hypnosis powers, and uses nunchucks.

Silent Killer is an ex-boyfriend of Pigeon. He became mute in a bizarre paprika accident. He also cannot be heard.

Mud Monster has not only fought Mud Man, but also Q-Man. He discovered a mathematical formula that gave him enhanced strength and a great SUV, but turned him into solid mud.

Green Nimbus can control his density. He also can order miniature Army Men to attack whomever he pleases. He was Orangewingís first villain.

Ambush Thief can control the growing of grass, and is invisible. He carries a slingshot. He at one point also had a silencer, but it was stolen from him by Stone Fury.

Mad Beetle was originally developed by Hassis to test Depot. He was first to break free of their control, however, and now wages war on mankind. He can generate odors.

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