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Baron Zemo's Lair

Guide to the many earths of the Parodyverse, and such.
Tuesday, 30-May-2000 10:59:17 writes:

    Yeah, this is a list of all the earths that I had planned up for some for some Crisis on Infinite Parodyverses storyline, but never got around to introduce. But hey, maybe I can still get around to it one day. Yeah right.........but anyway..............

    Pretty much like Parodyverse-1, but with all the heroes fighting being active back in the 60's at the hype of hippie-mania. Most of the heroes, Jarvis-2, Lisa-2, Sea Monkey, Dragon Man, and others, were in the Lair League, the psychadelic-premiere super group of Parodyverse-2. They pretty much didn't anything besides drink tea in front yards, smoke dope, and listen to Jimi Hendrix. And marching for world peace and stuff. Well, that is until President Nixxon ordered troops to gun them down in Ohio for burning a building in protest. Oh well. But only 4 of them died.

    But in the early 90's grunge-era a bunch of the Lair League's kids(the Hat-Spangled Kid, the new Dark Knight, Oddsidian & OverreactivePotMonsterGirl) got togehter to form Corporation Copyright, but broke up a few years later when their leader Kurt Cobain shot himself.


    Your Parodyverse. My Parodyverse. Our Parodyverse. NEXT!!!

    The 'reverse' Parodyverse. Where Dark Knight is a member of N'Sync. Where Baron Zemo is Vice-President of the United States. Where the Lair Legion is the Avengers. Where Jarvis is Alfred. Where.......everything is the exact opposite of Parodyverse-1!!!!!!!!!!

    Home of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Sharks and Captain Canada. In this world, every country in the world destroyed themselves in a nuclear war, leaving only Canada. So, they rule the world by default. Also home of the Justice League of Canada. "For truth, justice, and the canadian way..........". And instead of super-powers, the JLC is just good at ripping of their shirts and chopping at each others chests.

    JewishHealthyFoodMild-ManneredMan's homeworld, along with JewishHealthyFoodMild-ManneredMan Jr. and AbstinentBubbleGumTeenageGirl. The world has very high morale, so........NEXT!!!!


    Home of such crazy characters as the Interrogator, who can only talk in the form of a question, The Widow, a guy that's always sad/brooding/mourning and dresses up like a widow at a funeral. And there's Mini-Dark Knight, Foom Fing Fang, Spider-Pimp, R%^$&^%&GFFGDYury78y^&%gty76%6tgty who is a total nut who happens to have an unpronouncable name, and Nexus, a guy who thinks he's found the center of the universe, but really he's just been spinning around in a circle too long. I'd really like to get around to writing some stuff on this world....

    The REAL world. 'Nuff said.


    Homeworld of the Green Jellyfish, Superdonkey, Iron Anteater, Man-Ant, Spider-Shark, and Wonder Walrus, who make up the Jungle League of America, despite the fact they aren't neccesarily jungle animals, but anyway.....


    My personal favorite world, where all the residents of the BZLers'll see. Like for example, Baron Zemo is a country western singer. Or just country. And Dark Knight is no more.......their is only....the Dark Friar!!! The Hooded Hood is unhooded as being a circus clown!!! Wilson Phillips invades the U.S. to sound of millions of screaming girls!!! ag one day, Elvis impersonator the next!!!! And did I mention everybody is a midget???????

    But this is just the multiverse as I see it, so it's doubtful it ever happened.........

    Space Ghost

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Guide to the many earths of the Parodyverse, and such. (Space Ghost) (30-May-2000 10:59:17)

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