some info on Ruby....Troia, you might wanna put this in her profile thingie..thanks :)

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Posted by Whitney on March 10, 2001 at 13:00:38:


name: Ruby Waver
age: 18
relations to the Legion: distant relation of Sorc & Haggie, probably a cousin from Sorcís maternal family

location: most recently, Louisiana; relocated to Covenant House temporarily while Haggieís in Alaska

powers: immune to bacteria and infections of any kind; therefore, self-healing, can sustain serious injury w/out much more than a band-aid. Powerfully low tolerance for alcohol, most of Sorcís abilities, albeit on a smaller scale: flying (tho not over oceans, for currently undisclosed reason), creating currents of heat and light (candle tricks), and speaking with animals (tho she usually chooses not to, preferring to shout at them like any dumb human).

romantic interests: CSFB!ís perversity is a perfect match for Rubyís smart ass tease/riotgrrrl attitude. .. at least in her eyes. The LLís professor of porn, however, may have other plans. If Ruby should meet Iris, itís doubtless she will try to use her to get to Kirk. If Ruby should meet Lisa, itís equally doubtless they will either catfight over whoís the biggest nympho or become sharers of some strange sexual philosophy.

professional interests: Ruby is not exactly a team player, tho she tries, usually unsuccessfully to match Sorcís good deeds play for play. Contrary to first impressions, she is NOT a sleazy girl with a hidden heart of gold. Rubyís is more like foolís goldÖ

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