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The problem is I don't have the story Visi did for it. I will ask him if he has it, so I can refresh the detais. But...

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Thu Jun 19, 2003 at 01:24:15 pm EST

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As for Rabito etc, I'd be happy to link a short biographical posting as I've done with many other characters. Just write it down.

Thu Jun 19, 2003 at 12:42:56 pm EST

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Here is a preliminary entry:
Rabito was created by Visionary thoughts like a gift for Yo's birthday. Visionary went to the Happy place to meet Yi and ask her/him how to do it. He managed to creat a less than perfect purple, lopsided thought bunny. Yo loved her new gift anyway. Rabito means "little tail" in Yo lenguage, chosen buy similarity with Rabbit. Rabito can shift into whatever "it" wants, having the same powers than Yo, however no the same intelect. Rabito loves Cheryl because some part of Visionary's thoughts are full of Cheryl, even when he created the bunny. Rabito just tolarates Visionary seing him as kind of rival in Cheryl attentions and bite him as possible as It can.

Feel free to edit it or tell me if you need something different
Thanks again

> > Shouldn't we add an entry explaining rabito was created by Visionary thoughts?. It was a gift for Yo birthday

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