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Who’s Who in the Technoverse? was posted by   on Sunday, May 19, 2002 at 03:39.

Who’s Who in the Technoverse?
v1.0 at #17

A listing of the many characters from Technopolis and its world in the Premiere series.

Science Heroes:

Premiere (Victor Brooke), first of the successful first generation of genetically-modified Science Heroes, with phenomenal strength, speed, endurance, invulnerability, enhanced senses, and thermal projection powers. A whole generation has grown up knowing about his exploits.
Phase Shift (Martin Hernandez), one of the newest Science Heroes, with the ability to make things intangible
Windblossom (Kareen O’Conner), one of the Science Support Staff, a sensitive young woman with the ability to make plants grow
Steel Enforcer, indestructible and unstoppable, the most renowned of the current crop of Science Heroes; currently brainwashed into serving the Red Watchman
Lament (deceased), formerly Premiere’s lover, gifted with sonic keening abilities. After her brainwiping at the hands of the Red Watchman, Premiere nursed her until her physical death seven years ago.
Clockwork Solider (deceased), cyborg Science Hero, occasionally Premiere’s partner
Other Science Heroes have included Counterstrike (deceased) and his wife Paradise Lady (deceased)

The Science Council:

Dr Zalas, corrupt and spiteful leader of the Science Council, now a pawn of the Red Watchman
Professor Brudas, military governor of Parodiopolis
Dr Crevlan (deceased), formerly the Mayor’s advisor in Gothemetropolis
Dr Urvan, head of the rehabilitation adjustment centre in Basement 13

Science Villains:

The Red Watchman (Assak Malevi), insane genius former Science Hero with the power to manipulate matter and energy, including the sculpting of human flesh and the reorganising of human minds; the new master of Technopolis
Biohazard, a living toxic accident
Blast Zone, able to cause an explosion at any point he focuses it
Bodyhopper, a psychic ghost assassin that inhabits the bodies of others
Count Armageddon, cruel tyrant who commands the evil kaos energy
Detonator, spawns timed detonation globes
Dimensionweaver (f), beautiful and lethal twister of time and space, whose abilities include folding reality to teleport
Dreamripper, (f) illusionist telepath with a penchant for the gory
Flashfry – wields high-temperature plasma shapes
Moodswing, able to control emotions
Quake, not technically a Technopolitan, but a long-time Lair Legion adversary from the future, possessed of the powers of many superheroes, including amazing strength, speed, invulnerability, and endurance; he has now joined the Science Villains.
Random Access, probability portal maker
Razorbarb, generates psionic barbed wire
Rimshooter, can convert his body into any kind of weapon
Technovore, a sentient waveform able to possess and command any electronic equipment
Thermonuclear Man, radioactive marauder with the powers of a nuclear blast
Yellow Fever, ghostly creator of the spectral fever phantoms whose touch brings sickness
Deathspore (captured), sadistic lunatic whose spores can mimic any kind of disease and animate the dead.
Fleshcrawler (captured) – able to flex his super-durable skin up to fifty feet from his body
Spinoid (captured) – projects explosive spines from his exo-skeleton
Bloodwroth (missing in action) – master of psychotronic weaponry
Dischordia (missing in action) – abilities unrecorded
Partial Man (missing in action) –abilities unrecorded
Animutant (deceased), able to change shape to half-animal avatars
Charybdis (deceased), able to summon psychic monsters
Degenerator (deceased), uses a malice-provoking mist
Crowmeat (deceased), able to cause flesh to rot on touch
Fracture (deceased), able to animate bones even within living humans
Heatseeker (deceased), able to fire thermal-seeking pockets of energy
Hellspine (deceased), able to grow and project razor-sharp spikes from his skeleton
Icewatch (deceased), able to project ice and cold
Index (deceased) maintains computer-linked information database and commands technical support modules
Psiworm (deceased), mind-burrowing thought-stealer
Red Bounty (deceased), plasma-weapon wielding leader of the Death Squad
Sonic Lance (deceased), able to fire tight beams of sound

Sov Block Operatives:

Starpom Omega (Josef Ivanovitch Casparov), First Science Operative of the SovBlok
Xanadelle (deceased), stealth specialist spy and agent provocateur, a former adversary and lover of Premiere’s, whom he was eventually forced to slay in combat.
Director Maranvov, spokesperson for the remaining Sov Bloc Council.


Mad Wendy, mentally ill high-power psionic whose imaginary friends and ability to create alternate realities make her highly dangerous.; currently quiet in the Happy Place
Tech Pirates, technology thieves preying on the weak in the Buffer Realms and anywhere they can steal more equipment and slaves
Mynadrine Host, an alien swarm repelled from Technopolis’ Earth by Premiere twelve years ago.

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