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Posted by Ziles on May 24, 2001 at 18:30:31:

In Reply to: Important! Here's the History of the Parodyverse up til part of last year. I need ALL OF YOU to read the message at the bottom. Even those of you who just read but dont post. EVERYONE, PLEASE! It includes YOU! posted by ag with something becuase the new guy needs to know! on May 24, 2001 at 17:31:13:

Ziles was born in Xnylone.

Ziles was exiled when she was a teen.

Ziles spends a few years traveling the universe with the spaceship she had to steal in order to save her life.

She stops at planet earth and gets captured by thugs.

Whom use her powers for unlawful means.

They insert tracking devices and such to keep track of her which later she finds out poisoned her body and made her weak thus why she couldn't escape.

On a job she gets "busted" by the LL and later joins the team.

She is a loner and always has been but somehow makes friends with a few of the members tho she will not let them get too close being she is always on the run.

The gahreams are always after her, looking for her to steal her jewel that dangles from her forehead, it is a symbol of her status as princess and is how she controls her power.

What is her power exactly? Well this is hard to explain perhaps you could say she has power over life or more fully is an empath being she can sense peoples emotions and the life force of all things. So how is this useful? Well she can contort reality, there are two realms the deterior and of course a realm of reality. In the deterior realm everything is suspended, time does not exsist; life continues but it will not age. While in deterior space she is invisible. Ziles can go into this world and alter reality, for instance she can look at a flower and alter it's strands of life for instance making it wither, die, and go into dust. This applies to anything with a life force, she can sense how things are structured and can alter them. This power can be very dangerous and is why she only uses it sparingly and tries to only use it for good. She also has relaxor cream with makes people forget what she has put into their minds, makes it easier for her to read their mind, and makes them think she was a dream. The technology was superior to earths, so she has various gadgets to get in and out of places that make it appear as if she was never present.

The toxin from the tracking device made her own force start to die and she no longer has control of her power except for simple empath skills and such but it drained her own power even more causing her to constantly have to regenerate herself through meditation and a form of martial arts.

She, however, recently took the risk and returned home to her teacher Ekitai and he healed her although he was forbidden to.

She now has to rebuild her power and decide where she belongs or if she does with the LL; that is if they except her once they find out what she is.

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