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Baron Zemo's Lair

Huh, didn't realise. Well, here's mine.
Tuesday, 04-Jan-2000 22:16:56 writes:

    Real Name: Mark Hopkins

    Current Aliases: Uh... Mark Hopkins. Does 'spiffy' count?

    Height: 6' something

    Weight: I... don't know.

    Age: 16

    Hair: Kinda... silvery grey, I think.

    Eyes: Green

    Gender: Male

    Enemies: The villains of the Parodyverse. Oooh, and beavers.

    History: Weeelllll... uh... he's the son of the Hooded Hood and that Amazonian queen lady, retconned into the Hopkins family... he had a normal life before, for some reason, being accepted into the League of Regulars. Then he got sucked into the Not-So-Happy Place in their first battle, evil spiffy took his place, he came back, somehow got an energy-absorbing fern, got killed, came back, and never in the whole process got a girlfriend.

    Appearance: Didn't we cover this in the initial stats? Uh... well, spiffy ditched the old skintight costume 'cause it wasn't exactly... flattering, and now he wears street clothes. If there's trouble, his fern becomes visible and encases him in fronds. Tres chic.


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Well, it's time for me to post a new biography forů (Goldeneyed) (04-Jan-2000 22:04:47)

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