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Baron Zemo's Lair

Speaking of Who's Who entries, here's one for Phantom
Tuesday, 16-May-2000 12:37:20 writes:

    Name: Will be revealed in the next Phantom series
    Age: Can't tell, could be from 40-1000 for all we know.
    Height: Variable.
    Weight: Has no weight.
    Costume: When Death merged with Phantom's spirit, he traded in the traditional black robes for a gray set, the Scythe also stays tho.
    Background: He and his family doomed to be restless spirits for all eternaty, Phantom merged with Death (Who was banished from the Earth realm for a deed that will soon be revealed)to return to earth to punish sinners.
    Powers: Can transport himself between realms, Ya touch 'im.. ya dead.. although he prefers to make sinners a bloody mess, he can solidify himself at a whim, can change his height and can change his form.


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as promised for a long time, more of my subplots continue further, the Trickshot Special (ag, hey, I invented the charicter, I'd better write about him at least once!) (16-May-2000 08:04:57)

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