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Re: Bios on Sgt. Snail and his Outcasts. or most of them, anyway. / Update! With added extra Outcasts!
Saturday, 19-Feb-2000 04:23:11 writes:

    Since I said I'd get around to it, here's the bios for the Sgt. Snail and the Outcasts. I've probably forgotten few Outcasts, but this is most of 'em. And if it's not all of them, will anyone else even notice?


    The Outcasts are a collection of sewer-dwelling mutated men and animals, and ordinary humans rejected by the world above. Living underground, with no food other than rats and human waste made them bitter and twisted, and Sgt. Snail arose to lead them, offering them vengeance on those who lived above. Which, so far, consists of a mindless rampage on the surface once a week. Since these attacks on the surface began, the Outcasts developed a taste for human flesh.


    Sgt. Snail

    Appearance = Snail-man in an army uniform. Sgt. Snail can have either a snail-tail or two legs. Sometimes one, sometimes the other.

    Powers = Sgt. Snail's body is all-but immune to harm from sharp objects, which pass right through him. He doesn't actually know this, however, so still fears them. His armored shell can protect him from most damage, and he can hide within it, and stick to any surface while doing so.

    Stats = Peak-human strength, enhanced toughness.

    Weapons = Sgt. Snail usually carries a pistol.

    Snail Facts = Sgt. Snail is not a real Sgt. He's never even been in the army. He just awarded himself the rank. He declared himself leader of the Outcasts because they didn't have a leader. Nobody ever cared enough to challenge him, although he suspects everyone of plotting against him. He truly hates the surface-dwellers, and belives it the birthright of the Outcasts to defeat and enslave them. Sgt. Snail is a true coward, and will run at the first sign of any real danger.


    Dung Beetle

    Appearance = A man-beetle standing twice the size of a very tall man.

    Powers = Dung Beetle can fly on his bug-wings. He also has sharp claws and sharper mandibles.

    Stats = Superhuman strength and toughness.

    Skills = Dung Beetle is really good at doing what you'd think a guy named Dung Beetle does.


    The Unpossible Man

    Appearance = A walking sackful of rocks.

    Powers = Can hurl his own rocks as weapons.

    Stats = Offensively strong, tough and near-invulnerable. Low intelligence and a poor speller.


    The Gunsman

    Appearance = Remember that Heroes Reborn Swordsman? Invert the colors of the costume. And with guns instead of swords. And lots of belts, straps and pouches.

    Stats = Normal human

    Skills = The Gunsman is an expert in anything gun-related, and a skilled marksman.

    Weapons = The Gunsman carries a ridiculous amount of guns, from the 2 shotguns over his back, to any number of pistols carried on Liefeld-esque belts and straps.


    The Human Grenade

    Appearance = The Human Grenade wears a dark green costume concealing his entire body.

    Powers = The Human Grenade can explode, with all the power of a real grenade. He may be able to re-form himself after exploding, but if so, he hasn't done so yet.

    Stats = Normal human level.


    Mole Pirate

    Appearance = Man/mole hybrid, in full-on pirate costume, complete with eye-patch.

    Powers = Mole Pirate has the claws and digging/tunnelling skills which go with being a mole.

    Stats = Enhanced strength and toughness.

    Skills = As a pirate, Mole Pirate is highly skilled in all things nautical, piratical and criminal.

    Limitation = Mole Pirate, being a mole, has poor eyesight. Unneccessarily wearing an eyepatch doesn't help. Mole Pirate, like all good pirates, is also a slave to the demon in a bottle.

    Weapons = A pistol and cutlass, which should both really be in a museum or something.


    Demon Fish

    Appearance = Demon Fish is a sort of fish/man hybrid in a wet-suit.

    Powers = Demon Fish can breathe in air and water. And he can swim really well. That's all. Nothing more to see here.

    Stats = Demon Fish has enhanced agility in the water, but is otherwise on a human level.

    Weapons = Harpoon gun.



    Appearance = Hulk-sized hamster-man in torn green shorts.

    Powers = Man-Hamster has nasty claws, and can store a whole person in his cheek-pouches to snack on later.

    Stats = Superhuman strength and toughness.

    Limitations = Man-Hamster can't see very well.

    Hamster Facts = Man-Hamster's cannibal race died out when he accidentally ate Ms Man-Hamster. Discovering the other Outcasts, he was the first to develop a taste for human flesh.



    Appearance = The Oaf is a 7-foot tall hulking bald brute in torn clothing. His knuckles drag along the ground as he walks.

    Powers = Superhuman strength and toughness.

    Limitations = The Oaf has lower-than-human agility and intelligence.


    The Man With Two Chins

    Appearance = A man. With two chins.

    Powers = None. Unless having two chins counts.

    Equipment = None.

    Weapons = None.

    Limitations = Second chin.


    If anyone else is actually inspired enough to use the Outcasts, feel free to create more of them, as part of the idea was that, like the X-Men's Morlocks and Acolytes, every time they showed up, half of the line-up would be different.

    Next time, I'll get around to either the Green Ninja, or the Scourge.

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