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Scourge bios!
Sunday, 20-Feb-2000 00:42:22 writes:

    So, here's an attempt to give the members of the Scourge who don't have in-depth bios something approaching decent profiles.


    (ID unknown)

    Appearance = Standard Reaper costume, only with skull mask/helmet under the cowl, and cape held on by huge shoulder-pads. An excess of belts and straps hold his guns.

    Powers = None.
    Weapons = Reaper's scythe can be spun, buzzsaw style, and energised into a laser-scythe. It also shoots energy blasts and stun gas. Reaper was also armed by Liefeld, and carries an unfeasable amount of guns.
    Equipment = Reaper's costume is armored and bulletproof. Also, remember that JLA villain Prometheus had the mini-CD thing in his helmet, which gave him his martial arts skills? Reaper's mini-CD thing is nothing like that. It plays 80s guitar metal loudly for no real reason other than to provide 'atmosphere'.

    Stats = Peak human strength, athelete-level toughness and agility.
    Skills = Martial arts expertise, and an expert in macho posturing.
    Limitation = Hears voices in his head, which tell him what to do. Not wanting anyone to think he's nuts, he hasn't told anyone.

    Reaper Facts = Reaper learned everything he knows about supervillainy from 80s cartoons and 90s comics, and aims to be somebody important, feared and respected through supervillainy. After spending ages as a background member of the Scourge, manipulations by the voices in his head led to him form the new Scourge.


    (Gunther Stein)

    Appearance = Venom-style shirt, trenchcoat, dark glasses.

    Powers = None.
    Equipment = Acid cannon, with huge acid-tank on back. (For those of you who can remember, think back to that second Zodiac team from Defenders and AWC, and Aquarius' water cannon. Like that. Only with acid.)

    Stats = Peak human strength and agility.

    Venom Facts = Stein started his career of villainy as one of the many rip-off symbiote villains of the mid-90s, and a background member of the Scourge. When his symbiote left him for someone else, he stuck around with the Scourge, despite a lack of powers, until he eventually acquired his acid-cannon.

    Venom is something of a compulsive liar, with at least one in every two words he says being untrue. In theory, this'd make him a great source of disinformation.


    (Michael Treen)

    Appearance = Tall bald guy in a toga.

    Powers = Uatu has super-enhanced sight. He can see really far, and anything he sees, he can see in minute detail, down to a molecular level. As a side effect of this, he can see the flaws in anything he looks at. To his annoyance, he can neither see through things, nor around corners.

    Equipment = Uatu recently acquired a Chewbacca-style laser-crossbow.

    Stats = Normal human.

    Skills = Uatu's enhanced sight makes him an expert marksman.

    Uatu Facts = Uatu was gifted with his powers by a dying alien, but he defied the alien's wishes, using them for evil. A side-effect of being able to see everything, and see flaws was that EVERYTHING he sees is flawed, and the imperfect world around him drives him nuts. Uatu grows more bitter and angry each day.

    [The message board Uatu was, shall we say, disliked. Particularly by the don't-they-have-computers-in-France Jarvis.]


    (Roland Cow)

    Appearance = WonderBooster wears one of those awful Wonder Man shirts, complete with the Satan of Comics' 70s jet belt and 80s jet pack. The rest of his costume is made up of various parts of the Nazi army uniform. With Iron Man-style jet boots.

    Stats/Powers = Superhuman strength and toughness.
    Equipment = WonderBooster flies thanks to his various jet-things.
    Limitation = Lower-than-human agility.

    WonderBooster Facts = What happens when you cross the ultimate fan of the Satan of Comics with a card-carrying Nazi? This is what you get. WonderBooster will attack, in this order, the weakest foe, then the least-Aryan foe.

    [If anyone's writing retro-stories, it'd probably make sense to throw in a rivalry with Jarvis, since the message board posters were rivals of sorts.]


    The Man Who Wasn't There
    (ID unknown)

    Appearance = The Man Who Wasn't There wears an all-concealing, featureless black costume.

    Powers = Invisibility, phasing and teleportation. (With temporary power amplifications, can teleport others)

    Stats = Enhanced agility

    Man-Who-Wasn't-There Facts = Little at all is known about the Man Who Wasn't There. Not his name, what he looks like, how he got his powers, the full extent of his powers, why he joined the Scourge, or even where he goes when he's not there. And that's how he likes it.


    (Jarvis Speck)

    Appearance = Speculo wears a grey pin-stripe suit, with a red cape and helmet.

    Powers = Speculo possesses the relative strength, speed and agility of a comics speculator. His precognitive "Speculator-Sense" enables him to predict the future with varying degrees of accuracy, and is at it's most powerful when predicting what items will increase in value.

    Equipment = Speculo's left-wrist shooter fires plastic wrapping for his catches. The right-wrist shooter fires steel nets. Speculo also carries a laser rifle.

    Stats = The proportionate strength, speed and agility of a comics speculator.

    Speculo Facts = Speck was standing in line for autographs at a comics convention, when he was bitten by a radioactive speculator, and gained amazing powers, which he decided to use for crime. Because they weren't much use for anything other than getting rich. Speculo answered the Scourge's recruitment and joined the team, although stealing things that'll be worth money is still his main priority.



    Appearance = All-concealing blue costume, with purple gloves/boots/pants/cape.

    Powers = Freakshow can cause a person to hallucinate their worst nightmare, and believe it to be real.

    Weapons = Freakshow carries a staff.

    Stats = Normal human.

    Freakshow Facts = Changing his name to "Dragon" and joining one of those boy bands was to be Freakshow's ticket out of the slums. And then his mutant ability surfaced. Just when fleeing underground and joining the Outcasts seemed like his only option, he got the idea of wearing a costume that he'd claim was responsible for his powers. Freakshow then joined the Scourge, after seeing their ad.


    Zombie Knight
    (Real name unknown)

    Appearance = 7-foot-tall rotting-flesh undead-warrior-in-armour.

    Powers = Superhuman strength and toughness. Zombie Knight can teleport itself and others to any location it knows within a one-mile radius.
    Equipment = Zombie Knight's armor is magical, and protects him from most attacks.
    Weapons = Zombie Knight carries a cursed sword. Only magic is of any defence against the cursed sword, and those struck by it will be cursed. The curse is different for each individual.

    Stats = Superhuman strength and toughness. Enhanced agility.

    Limitations = Zombie Knight is mute, and makes no attempt to communicate in any other way.

    Zombie Knight Facts = Nothing is known about the Zombie Knight. It just showed up in response to the Scourge's recruitment drive.


    That's it for the Scourge. For now, at least. I've forgot a few. But I don't think I have any plans for them anyway. And this took hours, and I don't have time to do anymore. And does anyone actually read this stuff? If not, I'll not bother with any more.

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