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Baron Zemo's Lair

The powers of a Postman......
Thursday, 20-Jul-2000 06:29:18 writes:

    Messenger is not just a good fighter. He does have powers, however they're kinda limited.

    Here's part of a bio that I kind of abandoned a while ago...


    Real name: Still unknown.... as of now.

    Height: 5 feet 10 inches.

    Hair: Medium brown, straight, Crew Cut length presently

    Eyes: Greenish-blue

    Weight: 170 pounds

    Distinguishing features: Blinded and scarred in left eye. Wears eye-patch.

    Appearence: Wears tattered black trench-coat. Dark blue shirt underneath with white stylized ĎMí logo on it. Gun holster hidden behind jacket-flap holding 9mm gun. Other jacket flap hides Razor Letters. Grey jeans and steel tipped army boots down below. Small letter bag slung around waist holds Razor Letters and Exploding gift packages. Wears dark blue gloves for protection and grip now. As mentioned before short brown hair and blinded in one eye.

    Powers and Skills: Heightened agility, stamina, near perfect Markmanship, the ability to see better in the dark and enhanced strength (Able to lift approx. 850 pounds) can leap in twenty five foot bounds (across) and 15-20 feet upwards.

    Weapons: The Messenger has several weapons for the casual opponent. Razor Letters, a rectangle of sheet metal with special indents and ridges which allow for heightened accuracy and effectiveness when travelling through the air, also the Messengerís weapon of choice.
    Explosive gift packages, basically parcel bombs, an explosive in a small cardboard box. The Postman presses a red button the side and then hurls the package at his enemy. The concussive force of the package hitting the floor sets off the explosive charge.
    Semi-automatic 9mm gun in holster behind jacket flap. Decent sized clip and a fast shooter which can pump out many bullets at a time. All this and itís an easy hand-gun to hide.

    Utilities: Hidden glider beneath Trench coat. Messy has recently equipped himself with a small easy to hide glider beneath his jacket which expands outward into wings when he spreads his arms a certain way and flexs them. He cannot fly with this device as itís essientially a miniture hang-glider, but he can glide on air currents. Eventually it will descend enought so that it touches ground level however.

    I probably forgot a few things (as I remember the bio being complete) but that should cover most of the important points.

    I can be contacted at

    Messenger...... Don't screw with U.S Mail, kids. It'll cost you your soul.... :-P

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