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Baron Zemo's Lair

Well, suppose I may as well throw one on for Hatman...
Tuesday, 04-Jan-2000 22:42:39 writes:

    Real Name: Jay Boaz

    Other Aliases: None

    Nicknames: Hatty, Hat, and a wide variety more courtesy of Sorceress (and only allowed to be used by Sorceress :)

    Age: 17

    Height: 5'11

    Weight: 190 pounds

    Hair: Brown

    Eyes: Blue/grey

    Appearance: As Hatman, a pair of sneakers, blue jeans (black for stealth missions :), white t-shirt with diamond logo (text inside states 'Abundant Source of Natural Gas), red cape, black baseball cap with 'H' logo. As Jay, regular street clothes.

    Origin: In progress. :) Involves experimental new drug, or so it seems.

    Nationality: Canadian

    Headquarters: Lair Mansion

    Former Base of Operations: Manitoba, Canada


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Well, it's time for me to post a new biography forů (Goldeneyed) (04-Jan-2000 22:04:47)

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