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Posted by Priestess Pelopia, the Disciple of Logos on August 24, 2000 at 00:06:33:

In Reply to: Attention: To all of the self-professed "super-heroes" of the Parodyverse - you will supply answers to the questions contained in this internet message board post. Such is the will of The Word, and thus shall it be made manifest. posted by Priestess Pelopia, the Disciple of Logos on August 23, 2000 at 23:39:56:

1. Hatman - Jay Boaz
And, for descriptive purposes, Hat has been dubbed "The Capped Crusader", ala "The Man of Steel", "The Living Weapon", etc.

2. Hmm...what did I write for Troia's page? Lemme check...

"Has the ability to acquire the power or ability stated in either text or picture form on any headwear (hat, toque, headband, etc.)"

That about covers it. Example: Pittsburgh Steelers hat = organic steel skin and super strength

Hatman prefers using sports caps, but is not adverse to using others (when written by the Hooded Hood, as an example, he rarely uses sports caps unless it is a staple of the character)

Hatman's arsenal is kept on his Hatility Belt...6 caps at a time. However, his cape doubles as a subspace storage closet...he can pull caps out of there.

His usual caps kept on the belt (and used most often) are:

Winnipeg Jets - Flight
Pittsburgh Steelers - Invulnerability/strength
Seattle Supersonics - Superspeed
Calgary Flames - Generation/control of fire
Carolina Hurricanes - Weather control (using storm effects)
The 6th is a rotating cap, depending on the situation so he has quick access to it (example: Underwater mission, Seattle Mariners cap)

If Hatman uses too many caps in rapid succession, it tires him (as witnessed in his battle with Onslaughter, where he used over 300 caps)

Oh, Hatman also carries a replica of Donar's helmet between his shoulder blades as a last resort back-up; when he wears it, he draws strength and power from Donar himself...they also share an empathic (not telepathic) link, where they can sense each other's position, raw emotion, etc. He can't wear it for long, for it weakens Donar severely.

3. Check out the pic of Hatman at the Links page (link at top of page) for appearance. For personality, Hatman is basically the everyman nice guy...probably the most polite and diplomatic member of the Lair Legion, which is good, since he's the Deputy Leader as well.

4. Hatman and Sorceress are an item. I don't have many details on how long and such...Whitney and I have been trying to iron that out. They were together before either became members of the Lair/Abandoned Legion, though.

Now can I kick your keister? :)


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