A Riotgrrrl Robot From The Furthest Future Of The CrazySugarSuperHero Line ...

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Posted by CrazySugarFreakBoy! on August 05, 2000 at 12:25:59:

A Riotgrrrl Robot From The Furthest Future Of The CrazySugarSuperHero Line ...


MOTTO: "Impossible? Ha! For you, maybe - not for me."

Relentlessly enthusiastic, outgoing, and almost always optimistic, this popular and energetic female Transformer has earned the affection and respect of her male counterparts among the Autobot troops, despite her status as one of the youngest of the original transforming robots to have been created by the master-mold known as Vector Sigma on their home planet of Cybertron, as well as her tendency towards courses of action that are reckless and impulsive, and often stem from her impatience overriding her common sense, causing her to overestimate her own abilities. In fact, it was only after failed stints as both a spy and a communications specialist that Glitch finally found her niche, when a botched information retrieval run accidentally resulted in not only irreparable damages to the Decepticon database that she'd infiltrated, but also trigged a chain reaction which resulted in the total destruction of the nigh-invulnerable protection facility which had housed those encrypted programs. After reviewing the reports of Glitch's performance, Optimus Prime respectfully vetoed Ultra Magnus' recommendation that the already junior femme be demoted to an even lower rung in the chain of command, and instead promoted her to the newly minted post of "Head Saboteur" for the Autobots, thus utilizing her unique talent for unparalleled chaos and confusion to its fullest potential against the Decepticons.

Glitch is unabashedly fascinated with human popular culture, and in particular has developed a taste for the more colorful forms of entertainment offered among their mass media, including comic books, cartoons, and any other books, movies, television programs, or even internet sites having to do with science fiction, fantasy or "super-hero" stories, which she occasionally mistakes for accurate accounts of actual historic events in human history. This interest in four-color costumed crime-fighters, not to mention her habit of confusing their fictional exploits with reality, might derive from her discovery that the apparently metallic alloy out of which she was composed, an extremely rare and seemingly inexplicable substance classified as Impossibilityium by Teletran-1, was also the element which an otherwise unremarkable human male named Dreamcatcher Foxglove used to adopt the absurd alias of CrazySugarFreakBoy!, by reshaping the mysteriously amorphous material into a glowing garment he chose to refer to as a Silly Suit, which granted him super-human abilities whenever he wore it and consumed massive quantities of sugar and caffeine to power it. Likewise, Glitch must ingest an ultra-concentrated form of Energon fuel in order to continue running at peak efficiency. Driven by the need to understand the apparent similarities linking her own past and identity to that of this Lair Legionnaire, who first surfaced in the late twentieth century, Glitch volunteered for a hazardous and top-secret experimental mission, which sent her back in time, by less than a decade, from her native era in the current Terran calendar year 2009 A.D., to the turn of Earth's previous millennium, in order to take part in a "team-up" with the CrazySugarSuperHero! of that era.

In robot form, Glitch prefers to shift the majority of her mass into sub-space, so that she can shrink down to the same scale size as an average human female, and thus interact with the species of whom she's become so enamored on a more accessible and down-to-earth level. In vehicle mode, Glitch has a variety of transport options to select from, since one of the characteristics inherent in her Impossibilityium construction involves the lack of any built-in preset defaults, which basically means that she can transform into nearly any land-based vehicle that she can imagine, although she has demonstrated a predisposition to certain forms of transport, such as the small, sleek and futuristically-styled motorcycle mode she sports whenever she's in the mood for fun with her human friends. However, the mercurial side-effect of this creative freedom is that Glitch must maintain her concentration in order to shape-shift successfully into the mechanical guise she has in mind, or else she will find herself metamorphosed into something entirely different from whatever craft she'd conceived of beforehand. Of course, given Glitch's hyperactively distraction-prone attention span, it should be no surprise that her tactical transformations frequently resemble a stream-of-consciousness series of quick-as-a-blink switches, from motorcycle to sports car to a newer-model redesigned VW bug, even in the midst of front-line combat. And yet, in defiance of all scientific logic or rational explanations, no matter how hopeless the odds are, or how much trouble Glitch ends up getting herself into, she always somehow manages to turn the situation to her advantage, saving the day for her fellow Autobots thanks to her missteps rather than in spite of them. This quality has led Perceptor, among other researchers, to speculate that the Impossibilityium out of which Glitch was built is what lends her such uncanny luck, by surrounding her in a probability-subverting field, but none would deny that she still owes the majority of her victories to her own quick wits, inventiveness, and phenomenal improvisational skill. After seeing her work in the field, Ultra Magnus himself has admitted that Glitch's instincts show promise, and that her devotion to her comrades is beyond reproach ... even if she could use a bit more discipline in her methods.

Of all the Transformers, Glitch feels closest to the other female Autobots, including Arcee, Elita-One, Chromia, Firestar and Moonracer, who regard her as their "little sister", and dote upon her accordingly, with equal measures of playful teasing and motherly concern for the fluorescent orange-and-green femme with the smiley-face insignias on her armor.

SPEED: 9.4
RANK: 5.6
SKILL: 8.2

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