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Well, it's time for me to post a new biography for…
Tuesday, 04-Jan-2000 22:04:47 writes:

    Real Name: Bry Kotyk

    Current Aliases: Bry Katz

    Height: 6'

    Weight: 158 lbs.

    Age: 16

    Hair: Dirty blonde

    Eyes: Blue

    Gender: Male

    Enemies: Dr. Norm, Ned, Brackets (deceased), and Prof. Manyarms.

    History: At a young age, Bry's hereditary (unknown which family side they hailed from) powers began to develop. None of Bry's parents had received powers at birth, and were surprised at what was happening to their son. They made the decision to keep Bry hidden from the world, afraid he'd be pegged as a freak. Shortly after he turned 14, Bry's powers developed enough for him to open portals. He stepped thorugh his first portal out of curiosity, and ended up in a different universe, falling high over a forest near Franklinville, NY. Bry injured his head and lost all of his memories. Bry (now an amnesiac) was taken in by Cornelius and Mabel Andrews and the grandson they cared for, Michael. Since he knew nothing of his real name, he called himself ‘James’. Cornelius died months later, and Mabel took Michael to live with family in ArachKnight City. Bry decided to stay behind and travel, partially to find out what makes himself tick. Near his 15th birthday, Bry made it to ArachKnight City. There he met back up with Michael, and decided he was going to be a costumed adventurer. Months later, on his first real hero job, he joined the SMB Squad.

    Bry continued to fight with the SMB Squad, and soon alongside Michael, who had designed a ‘Frog-Man’ costume. Bry had discovered the Parodyverse during a battle with Dr. Enormoidstein (who later renamed himself Dr. Norm), and he visited there to see the Lair Legion several times. Not so long after, Guumar, a member of the Observing Eye, confronted Bry. Guumar’s job was to watch over Bry, as the Observing Eye is an organization that watches over its universe’s most potentially powerful beings. Naturally, Bry was nowhere near his potential. Guumar gave Bry the Reader’s Digest version of his life story (including his true name and the fact that he was born in the Parodyverse). Bry made the decision to go by the name of ‘Bry Katz’, and then decided to move to Parodiopolis. He joined the Lair Legion a little while after that, and that pretty much brings us to now. Oh yeah, he has a pet Pokemon Squirtle given to him by Magnetic Techbird, which he named Gregory (mostly to annoy the Dark Knight).

    Appearance: As Goldeneyed, Bry dressed in an all-black sleek costume that only reveals his gold glowing eyes and his mouth. As Bry himself, he wears the typical modern fashion (usually jeans and a t-shirt of some kind). Bry always wears Oakley sunglasses to conceal his eyes glow, except sometimes in the Legion mansion.


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Well, it's time for me to post a new biography for… (Goldeneyed) (04-Jan-2000 22:04:47)

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