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Baron Zemo's Lair

Wow. I really gotta say, I suck.
Wednesday, 19-Apr-2000 21:34:51 writes:

    No more deadline! There ain't any freakin 'way I'm getting my origin out if I lay these stinkin' deadlines, so... I'm not gonna. Heh. Any-hoo, here's a profile.

    Real Name: Jeremy Wick

    Powers: Being the Human Combustible, Jeremy is able to explode on command. This power is especially effective after a visit to Taco Bell.

    History: When his now arch enemy Hammond Sterr, a sociopath obsessed with hamsters, kidnapped Jeremy and made him drink an elixir that made his body 20% explosive material, so that he would be the ultimate weapon to destroy the world, what he didn't count on was the former slacker turning in to a heroic super human. And so, Jeremy now fights crime as the persona...

    Dynamite Boy!

    Cool, huh?

    Dynamite Boy

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Wow. I really gotta say, I suck. (Dynamite Boy) (19-Apr-2000 21:34:51)

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