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Baron Zemo's Lair

Aye, as thou dost wisheth...
Thursday, 20-Jul-2000 03:08:49 writes:

    Donar Oldmanson, Prince of the Royal throne of Ausgard

    *Incredible strength and endurance, able to lift 1000 ton or so and battle non-stop for several days.

    *Immune to mortal diseases.

    *Bulletproof. So there.

    *Wielder of Mjalcom, an Ausgardian Baseball Bat with an enchanted nail it it. He uses it to control thunder, lightning, rain, snow and if he REALLY concentrates, tides. But thats a biggie.

    *Some Earth Majicks, as trained by his mother the Earth Goddess, Gail.

    *Able to read and understand Shakespeare as easily as Enty can blow up a toaster.

    *Does have a weakness...but it is unknown at this time.


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