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Baron Zemo's Lair

Donar 6.1
Sunday, 13-Feb-2000 05:03:01 writes:

    Donar (Donar Jones or Gavan Carstensen)...

    (Donar Jones, being similar to Thor's Sigurd Jarlson guise...basically Donar in civilian attire, a ponytail and sunglasses...and Mjalcom. *sigh*

    Gavan is Donar's mortal half, rarely seen in the Parodiverse as it tends to shift the balance of the place more towards common sense and away from it's parody-based purpose.) a Thor variant, the son of Oldman the All-Pappy Big Daddy and
    brother of Hoki, God or Goddess of Bloody-Mindedness Betrayal and Guile. With his enchanted hammer, baseball bat with a nail in it Mjalcolm, Donar
    hails from the land of Ausgard, an antipodean version of Asgard. Donar speaks with a mangled Shakespearean
    speech, like Liefieldís Thor but also with a broad Australian accent. He is a little more down-to-earth than Marvelís Thunder God, and he is well hard. He has
    very little patience and less tact, but he would defend his friends to the death. Donarís mother is the Earth-Spirit Gail.
    Recently he has been reunited with his once love Freyda and discovered they have a son, Harlagaz.

    Donar has an ongoing struggle within him between his duties to Earth ( his mother ) and Ausgard ( his father.) He is next in line for his Father's crown, and with it will come the duties of a soveriegn, meaning abandoning his mortal friends and "That wretched mudball", as Oldman calls it. While Donar knows this is his destiny eventually, he is reluctant to make the choice either way.

    He has become rather attached to his friends and the balance is starting to swing in their favor...but that choice may yet see the fall of the Ausgardian Empire....yes kiddies...this is a "bad" thing.


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