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Baron Zemo's Lair

Alrightly, here you go....
Wednesday, 19-Jul-2000 22:43:02 writes:

    Zane uses a large, dark diamond-shamed amulet/artifact to instantaneously become the android DarkHwk. His body is teleported to an axtra-dimensional realm called "The Elsewhere" and it is replaced by a powerful android. His mind/consciousness remains in place, taking control of the android. The amulet is embedded in the the midchest of the android.

    -Damage done to the android body can be repaired by switching to Zane's body and back again. All damage is healed, no matter how severe.

    -DarkHwk is capable of subsonic flight due to antigrav systems within the android. While in flight mode the android body creates hard-light wings capable of slicing into numerous substances.

    -He can fire powerful beams of as yet undetermined energy in varying degrees of strength called forceblasts focused through the amulet. He can also create a protective barrier/forceshield of energy from his amulet. The forceshield can be either be a large circular shield, an enveloping field, or a large sphere.

    -On his right forearm is a gauntlet bracer equipped with 3 razor sharp claw-blades composed of an alien alloy. The claw-blades have a long metal line attached at their base for use as a grappling hook.

    -DH's helmet gives him enhanced vision: telescopic, inra-red, night vision, and other forms.

    -DH's body does not register on most scanning devices, resulting in a form of stealth. However, firing forceblasts will definitely set off most sensors.

    -The longer Zane remains as DH, the less control he retains. The detached state from his native body mixed with the energies of the android gives a feeling of euphoria whenever you become the ‘DarkHwk.’ While in use, his super-ego is almost blocked or shut down. His inhibitions and moral restraints slowly vanish.

    NOTE: Zane has been split off from his android alter-ego. The DarkHwk android currently inhabits Gothametropolis York, preying on criminals.


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