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I present the hidden history of DarkHwk (which sadly I did not have the chance to tell in story form at the time).
Tuesday, 01-Feb-2000 15:49:20 writes:

    Okay, its time for a little BZL history research again so Ive got some answers to hand when I get round to writing Lair Legion: Year One, part two. If you want to look at Part One, go here.

    So what Id like you to tell me is this:

    8. Any chance of a quick prcis of DarkHwks history and where he might have been three years before present?

    Well, Zane was in his hometown near Houston in Texas. (No, Zane is NOT a cowboy-type guy.) ;)

    Anyway, 3 years ago? (Thank goodness you didn't ask, 'Where is he now?' ;)

    I'm not exactly sure about the timing/continuity of the BZL stories-wise. However, I believe that I had it set up that DH had been experimenting with the amulet for at least a few months before the LL called and offered him membership.

    (4 years ago) Zane had graduated from a catholic highschool in spring of '96 (but is not catholic himself). He was unsure about what he wanted to do in life. He enrolled at the local college with plans to transfer after his freshman or sophmore year.
    So, during spring of '97, Zane was finishing his freshman year at college at the local university (Lamar University).

    As for when Zane became a crimefighter?
    That summer is when he saved the life of a bum who was about to get hit by an 18-wheeler. The bum gave him a mysterious amulet. (If you need the details about this incident, I'm gonna repost DarkHwk's origin as a response to this post.)

    This info here is what I didn't have time to write a story about, when DH 'arrived' in the BZL.
    By fall of '97, Zane was a student during the day, and patrolled at night as his android alter-ego. He was still trying to figure out what the DarkHwk android could do while at the same time overcoming his fears (fear of heights in particular).
    He mostly stopped small-time criminals, as they were the only ones the inexperienced crimefighter would find. DH also helped catch some prison-excapees from the prisons in the area.

    One day, while on a trip to Houston, DH received some media exposure when he foiled the bank robbery attempt of 2 super villains: Void and Etheria.

    When the Lair Legion got wind of this information, they tracked him down and called him. (How exactly, they never told me. :)
    The LL offered to pay his way at the the university in Pariodopolis. Zane accepted, and moved to Pariodopolis.

    After an strange initiation into the group, DH was branded with a title. Since then, I've tried to shove all mention of it under-the-rug so to speak. ;)

    If any of the above information is in direct contradiction to established continuity, I shall endevor to fix that.

    DISCLAIMER: The events desribed here are fictitious and not real. They did not happen, and are not the events that occurred in the author's life. The events that happened in his life are not these.

    *Kudos to any one who can figure out what this last part is a parody of.* :)

    DarkHwk, who wants people to forgive his rambling

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