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Posted by ag on April 08, 2001 at 17:29:06:

In Reply to: The Who's Who of the Parodyverse Version 8.0...bear in mind, this is a work in progress, so some stuff could be wrong or unchenged...such as the spelling of Parodiopolis. So can everyone post their updates again, because SP cleaned the board before I could incorporate them. And if you didn't post any updates before, and still have some, well, it should be obvious to post them here too. Thanks. posted by Nats, for HH on April 08, 2001 at 16:46:09:

Here's some notes!

AG's name is Scott Brunsen..not Bryan. Oh, and it's Drafting student, not droughting student.
Otherwise excellent on him!

The JBH consists of:
Amazing Guy,Macymom, PhantomGhostGirl, Swift, Kid Produce, Pigeonman, PigeonWoman, Plantgirl, Little Guy and Jackie Rabbit.

Jack was never a member, but here's his info:

Name: Jack Roberts
Other alias: The Laughing Lupine
Group Affiliations: Formally the Parodopian Irregulars.
Known Relatives: Jackie Roberts, his twin sister and the heroine known as Jackie Rabbit.
Powers/Weapons: the proportionate strength, speed, agility, eyesight, reflexes, hearing, other heightened senses, desire for vegetables, and big feet of a rabbit. Ability to rattle villain’s concentration with his snappy banter. Armed with Carrot Gun that fire at various carrot juice settings, including “Extra Thick and Crunchy”.

Janeen's powers as Macymom is now Dary product generation and manipulation.


Your doing a great job Nats!

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