Some updates for VB and Falcon, among other stuff

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Posted by VB on April 14, 2001 at 06:00:50:

In Reply to: The Who's Who of the Parodyverse Version 8.0...bear in mind, this is a work in progress, so some stuff could be wrong or unchenged...such as the spelling of Parodiopolis. So can everyone post their updates again, because SP cleaned the board before I could incorporate them. And if you didn't post any updates before, and still have some, well, it should be obvious to post them here too. Thanks. posted by Nats, for HH on April 08, 2001 at 16:46:09:

The King's Regiment

The King's Regiment are the heroes that serve King Kathy Kong of the planet Nonlogic.

Visible Boy-(Glenn Ross)Formerly known as Visible Man, a Glenn Ross from the past travelled to our time, where he muredered the Visible Man. The younger Ross decided to be known as the Visible Boy. The Visible Boy has superhuman agility, can fly and is...visible.

ReligousCrazyFratBoy!-(Lloyd Hoffman)The great-great-nephew of KKK, RCFB! has the power to drive anyone crazy. He can also answer any trivia question.

Captain Opaque-(Jim)A robot created by thr late Visible Man, Captain Opaque possesses near-invulnerable plastic and foam coating. He also has enhanced strength, and carries a grudge against Dynamite Boy for no reason.

White-Out Man-(Whitey Toyota)White-Out Man has the power to steal the color (and memory) from any enemy, and transplant it to himself. He also is an expert at preforming unsuccessful liver transplants during battle

Other Characters

King Kathy Kong-(Kathy Kong)King Kathy Kong became king of the Ununited People's Fork of Mochrie in in December 31st, 1665. In 1683 she drank a potion that prevented her from aging. Over the past 335 years, she has extended her empire and now controls 98% of Nonlogic.

Boing the Expanding Rubber Ball-(Boing)Boing can expand himself to be as big and bouncy as he wishes. He cintrols all of Nonlogic, because he is the planet.

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