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This message Moreth stuff for Ag.. was posted by DONAR on Thursday, November 28, 2002 at 06:26.

After the sacrificeth made and the emotional strain it hast borne 'pon all involved, verily didst I heed mine Allfather's sage advice and once again resume mine role as Prince Regent of the Throne of Ausgard.

Mine meddlings in mortal affairs are all but ended for the nonce, e'en though I dost truly care for all those I hast spenteth time among on Middlegard.

Mine role now art to advance the glory of Ausgard. Oldman hast seen fit to take the pilgrimage of Walkabout, a form of spiritual cleansing. I rule Ausgard in his stead until his return.

I have taken mineself a companion, Ansuz, Goddess of the Fates to rule by mine side. Mine followers art happy, andst well.

I think often of Middlegard, and mine friends. I smile when I dost.

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