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So, uh, why and where am I in Team Rocket? (MT Bio within)
Thursday, 12-Aug-1999 17:33:55 writes:

    Magnetic Techbird is a twenty year old jobber that would be laughed at by even the New Warriors if he tried to join. Which sucks cause he has good powers. He has long blonde and red and white hair that reaches his shoulders. His costume is red and purple with all wires and stuff coming out, but apparently there is a big red "R" on his chest now. Around his neck is a carapace that projects solid sound.

    Powers: Able to use an amalgamation of Songbird, Magneto and Techno (robots) powers, but they come with a horrible down-side : he has no luck with women.

    Notes: Magnetic Techbird knows that with great power comes great woman-negativity.

    He was formerly in the Lair Legion, attacking them before they messed up his voice, but was fired for breaking Jarvis's Boss Nass figure and not doing the Team Rocket Motto right.

    Anything else?

    Magnetic Techbird Blast Off At The Speed Of Light!

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