The Librarian & his Crew live and work on the Darkside of the Moon at the Moon Public Library.

I see the Character of the Librarian of kind of the Monitor from CRISIS, Watcher, Dr. Who and Maybe a Green Lantern.

He is part of a intergalactic Organization of Librarian, the Librarians are on one of every high evoled planet's Moons.

Lynn is Harbringer (sort Of). A.L.F.RED is kind of Jarvis, Alfred Butler type but with a Homicidal Touch to him.

The Librarian many Mission in life is the Record all the history of his Planet Earth. No one on his earth knows he is there on the Moon.

They don't Have Many Customers, maybe 5 to 10 people in a 24 hour period. A good Day 15.

At the Library, they have every piece of the History from there planet Earth. from The Beginning to that day. The Librarian job will be our went there is no Earth.

Lynn, The Co Librarian: Lynn was sent by the Librarian's Bosses. She help check out Customers, Catalog Books, etc. She is the voice of reason. She has an American Accent, in her 20's. Has Red Hair, White, blue Eyes. Wears Glasses

A.L.F.RED: stands for Artficial Life Form RED. He is a robot. He is security for The Library. When he first got the there he was not user friendly. The Librarian reprogrammed him with a British persona. A.L.F.RED has a scary fasanation with killing, everything he says is said cheerly in a British accent. He knows everything that is happening on the Moon.

Librarian is your Typical Librarain but he is on the Moon. He prefers Books to people, Like everything organized but the Break Room and His Living Quarter. His Main job is a kind of Editor. He makes two different books, one with everything in it, the other book is just major events. Most people check out the second. He is kind a scatter brained. He thinks in segments. Looks young but is older than anyone on the moon or his earth. White, Brown Hair, blue eyes. Wears glasses.