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The Hooded Hood offers this latest foray into the confused coalition we call continuity. Kindly check your entries and provide whatever updates or additional information you deem neccessary.
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... To make your life even more difficult:

Lee O'Callaghan is a former forensic profiler for the FBI, who used her phenomenal insights to catch quite a few killers before they had a chance to do any further harm. She has since retired to the peace and quiet of Wanderlust Bay, a sleepy little town roughly in the neighborhood of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, but her colleagues at the Bureau still occasionally call upon her to crack the sorts of tough cases that even their brightest minds are hard-pressed to solve. She honed her craft under the capable instruction of Olivia Hastings, a top professor of psychology at Miskatonic University in Arkham, Massachusetts, who also happens to be the younger sister of Melanie Hastings (a.k.a. Meggan Foxxx, Action Figure), which makes her the aunt of Dreamcatcher Kokopelli Foxglove (a.k.a. CrazySugarFreakBoy!). Lee first met Dream when she was a college student of Oliviaís, and Dream was just a small boy visiting his auntís classes. Since then, Lee and Dream have teamed up to solve at least one mystery so far, and have become fast friends.

Again, let me know if this revised entry is suitable for your needs.

Also, Leeís creator, the Crazy Penguin Lady, has a website devoted to an incomplete story about Lee, at the following address:


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