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The MPL's A.I.
Fri Dec 19, 2003 at 03:28:26 pm EST

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L, please remind me of the name of the current Assistant Librarian.

Fri Dec 19, 2003 at 06:33:39 am EST

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L is busy, But I think I can help you. I am D.D. the MPL's A.I. & have access to the MPL's vast databanks. Here is some of the information you requested....

Currently at the Moon Public Library, there are 3 main employees: Lenard "Lee" H. Bookman, the IOL Librarian assigned to the Earth's moon by the IOL's Governors. A.L.F.RED (Artificial Life Form, Model RED), the IOL Helper Bot, which was reprogrammed by Lee to have a British butler personality. Lee has one of the few IOL Helper Bots with a personality & Lee has been fined for doing so.

And, if you want to get technical, there is no current assistant Librarian like Lynn was but there is a A.I. that currently helps out Lee with the everyday business of running the MPL. The name that the A.I. responds to is D.D., which stands for Dewey Decimal. Most often "she" is only heard as a voice over the intercom but does have a holographic projection that serves as what "she" looks like (a blond haired, bright sky blue eyed female humanoid from Earth. Who looked to be in her mid-twenties.) The holograph image only shows "her" head & neck, nothing else. "She" uses the many holographic projectors placed around the MPL to manifest (or womanifest) "herself".

D.D. has control over the many Droids & such:

Multi-purpose Robots (MPR)
These small, wheeled robots can often be seen whizzing about the corridors, delivering small packages, conducting small repairs, maintenance and sanitation duties and performing a wide variety of other tasks. These bots are normally not scene on the main floor of the Library, they work on the employee only floors of the Library.

General Utility Androids (GUA)
These metallic androids, approximately the size and shape of an average human being, perform a wide variety of tasks at the MPL, from working with hostile patrons to advising and helping other patrons with there many questions. These bots are scene mostly at the help desk in the main area of the library.

Self-guided Recording Units ("Cambots")
These antigrav propelled, ball-shaped, semi-sentient video, audio and visual recording devices to record matters of importance in & around the MPL.

General Maintenance and Repair (GMR) Nanobots
The GMRs are constantly at work, keeping all of the systems in top condition and repairing damage after accidents or battles. GMRs are especially useful in areas of the Library which are inaccessible or dangerous to Lee or A.L.F.RED. The GMR's often work in tandem with the MPR's.

Biological, Chemical (BC) Defense Nanobots
These nanobots are built to detect and neutralize any and all varieties of radioactive, biological and chemical attacks upon the Library & Library employees and/or patrons.

Intruder Control (IC) Nanobots
When activated in times of emergency, IC nanobots seek out unauthorized patrons and attack their central nervous systems, temporarily immobilizing the intruders until they can be taken into custody or otherwise neutralized by the crew. Lee also has a natural defense similar to this.

Nanobot Inhibitors (NIs)
NIs are programmed to ward off attacks on Library and Employees from hostile nanotechnologies.

Also, when "he" lets "her", D.D. can be in control of A.L.F.RED.

I hope that this is a help to you.

The IOL Moon Public Library's A.I.

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