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Who is JOEY Z. ? was made by JT on 2/8/2003 at 5:48:36 PM.

After a request for some background and supporting characters info, I put this little ditty together for you all.

Just who is Joey Z. anyway?


Joey Z. is an alien that comes from the planet Naicluv Prime- the home world of an ancient species called naicluvians. They are a peaceful, logical, and highly advanced race; rumored to be the first spacefaring species to exist. In fact, they are responsible for the Galactic Treatise, set up to establish trade routes and agreements, along with the colonization of "lesser' planets. They are a species known for their wisdom and their presence is usually one of silent respect- always listening before they speak... if they are not on errand.

Now you're probably thinking... "Gee. These guys sound dull. I don't know if I want to hear about this Joey guy."

Well, for all that they are as a species, that's about all that Joey has in common with them. He's a naicluvian with attitude. After some... trouble... he was sent to Earth where it was hoped he'd be discovered and disected. (Though Naicluvians are peaceful by nature, their vengance is also wodely known. Literally, they take "an eye for an eye" standpoint.) Luckily, his allergic reaction to earth vegetation saved his hide.

Joey posesses many natural abilities that are common to his species. Though his mindset is like that of a teenager (to us), his intelligence and knowledge makes earthlings look like they're comparatively in the stoneages. He has pointy ears that can pick up some of the smallest sounds (a flea on a dog's back) and even most earth radio signals. (That's actually how his people discovered earth in the first place... but that's another story.)

Also common to naicluvians is the ability to create a thought link. This is done by putting the index finger of the left hand into the ear (or similar organ) and then putting the index and middle fingers of the right hand into the nostrils (or other similar space). Once this is done, it completes an organic "circuit", allowing the naicluvian to receive the other being's thoughts, and when they desire, share their own thoughts.

(Note: Were human minds capable of it, a naicluvian could "download" his wisdom and intelligence into some one. This is how naicluvians pass on all that they have learned. So, due to their incompatability, a naicluvian could only give a human a portion of their knowledge and experiences. --Keep an eye out for this in a future episode of the Saga of Joey.)

Joey also possesses a hidden power that only one in every 150 trillion naicluvians possess. It has yet to emerge, so I won't kill the plot by telling you now. Suffice it to say though... there are only 900 trillion naicluvians in existence. Had they known Joey possessed this power, they would not have sent him to earth.

Now... For some supporting characters....

These are just a few that I have on the drawing board... yet to be introduced,,, so I hope you enjoy the sneak peek.

- Jebediah- "Just call me 'Jeb' " He's a homeless man who was once a rising sensation on the music scene. His records still sell big, but he seems to have disappeared. He was at the peak of his carreer when he went tone deaf. He discovered this in a practice, and so he dropped out and disappeared.

- Dr. Jechyde- A slightly disturbed yet brilliant scientist. He suffers from a mental disorder that will be evident at times. Currently he's in hiding, but is aware of an elite group of feds that are in charge of patrolling and capturing alien life.

- Vice Chairman- He's the father of a beautiful young naicluvian woman whom Joey offended... adding to his banishment from contact with any other naicluvian ever again. Vice Chairman has a personal vendetta against Joey, and once things get going... we may see him again.

- Agents___ and __- Their names are part of an upcoming story, so I don't want to give them out yet. They are part of the organization that Dr. Jechyde is watching. One of their main objectives will be released in the same story they appear in. Trust me... it's all part of a sheme to make you laugh.

So... that's all for now! Look for "The Continuing Saga of JOEY Z."