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Posted by Visionary on April 17, 2001 at 13:20:19:

In Reply to: Do continue this. I'm especially interested in the status quo of the fae on Earth that you seem to have hinted at here ... :) posted by CrazySugarFreakBoy! finally gets around to replying to some of these stories, even though he's read almost all of them by now ... on April 17, 2001 at 10:10:58:

I'll be going into greater detail on Wangmundo's race, what happened to them and why they're universally hated, and a few other events of the past, but I don't really have plans to return to Camellia or Mahssus any time soon. Nor do I really have plans to say exactly what happened to most of the fantasy critters in the Parodyverse. Maybe they're all in the Mythlands Ian has used... maybe they were wiped out of true history altogether.

In any event, in Wangmundo continuity a handful of creatures are still out there, even though they really don't belong there any more.

If anybody else wants to use the characters, they're more than welcome to. Some info (though none of it is set in stone):

The faeries seen here are all members of Camellia's house. They're fairly adept at magic (though not full blown sorcerers) and delight in exploiting human weaknesses. Camellia is head of a drug cartel that operates out of the Willow, a nightclub on the riverfront (Only those at the height of fashion, fame or fortune should even bother trying to get past the doorman). Mr. Oxalis is her right hand man. Her organization employs all the members of her house, as well as humans, some of which know what she and her fellows really are. All of these faeries within the city limits invariably live on waterfront property, or a lot adjoining the park.

Mahssus is a rare (even back then) true troll. She's very old, but it hasn't slowed her down much. Her eyesight is poor, but her other senses, including hearing and smell, are quite sharp. Her intelligence would be about average for a human. Despite her tremendous size, she is very quick. Unlike Wangmundo, she does not have any special healing powers, nor can she disguise her appearance (or work any magic, for that matter). However, she is incredibly strong (likely just shy of Donar's league) with a very tough hide and sharp claws and fangs. True trolls do not need to stay bound to a lair, but are not naturally inclined to travel extensively (likely because they are unable to cross deep water without a bridge). Unless forced out, Mahssus will likely hole up somewhere sufficiently cavelike on the island of Parodiopolis, hunting at night.

As I said, I don't have any plans to return to these specific characters, so people are welcome to use them as they please.

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