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Posted by The lurking Enemy on May 22, 2001 at 14:56:10:



Still here, just been lurking, that's all.

Just thought I'd leap out of lurk-dom for a few moments to share a thought or two on the Scourge thing further down the board, and on that whole untold story debacle.

(Yes, it will be told, one day, honest. But it's not just a matter of not having the time right now, but also not being able to write without having to answer the question "What the H*ll are you doing?" a lot. Which I'd really rather not do.)

Anyway, the removal of characters based on people who never came here seems like a good move, that probably should've happened sooner. Some of the concepts behind the characters are salvagable, though. I'd say bring back the worthwhile ones with new names or something, one day.

*makes mental note to do just that if he ever gets back to finish Green Ninja*

And as for the whole untold Enemy story, which I'd been loosely co-ordinating with PP, (You out there? Tell me you got that comic I sent you. Please.), since I stand no chance of getting back to it until after the summer, I'll just explain where it was going right here, right now, so that it can finally achieve continuity-footnote status or whatever.


OK....I'd left things off with a huge robot army invading Earth, taking credit for all the nasty moon-related stuff, and the army's leader, the Moon Sentinel, calling himself The Enemy of the World. All that really matters is that the robots lost, the Moon Sentinel was driven off into space, the tower on the moon disappears, and the threat of the Enemy is thought to be no more. The real Enemy? Where'd he go? Doesn't matter for now. He's just not there.

No-one (and I'll repeat, one more time NO-ONE) knows the truth about the power behind the robots. Well, OK, PP suspects the truth, and that's about it. To the rest of the world, the Enemy was a big robot, and the Reaper was that Scourge guy (who shouldn't be referred to as 'Substitute' by anyone. It's not like people know or anything).


Hope that helps with regards to HH's historian-ism, and if PP wanted to reference any of the old stuff at all.

And before I leap back to lurk-dom, I'll leave one last remind for CFSB. Stop mocking the Crossing. I tell, you, just one more time.




and I swear, I'll put a repulsor through your head, hide the body and frame FFF for it all.

Go mock something really bad. Preferably something you actually read, even. Have you seen Cap or Thor lately?

*hopes this posts right, it's been a while*

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