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Who’s Who – Zemo offshoots

Her Excellency, Baroness Elizabeth Sweetwater Dewdrop Zemo von Saxe-Lurkburg-Schreckhausen, is the grandniece of Baron Heinrich Zemo (q.v.) and the granddaughter of his older brother Ottokar (q.v.) Formerly a mild-mannered graduate student in psychology at the University of Michigan, she is rapidly exploiting the mad-scientific riches of her great-uncle’s papers and hopes to enter the elite stratum of Parodyverse villains by mid-2005.

His Excellency, Baron Ottokar Attila Kublai Tamerlane Zemo von Saxe-Lurkburg-Schreckhausen, older brother of Baron Heinrich Zemo, reached the rank of Gruppenfuhrer-SS while posted to Transylvania during World War II. In the course of his mystic research he became “un-alive” in extremely odd circumstances in February 1944. He has spent the last 60 years as a sort of tangible ghost continuing to look into Things That Man Was NOT Meant To Know.

“Silicone Sally” Rezilyant was another grad student who endured a bite from a radioactive spider during a lightning storm, right after a boob job, while working in a lab where an accident with ‘N-rays’ occurred. Her entire body was converted into pure silicone rubber. She is currently Baroness Elizabeth’s principal assistant.

Lance is Silicone Sally’s no. 1 toy boy and keeps getting sucked into the Baroness’ schemes.

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