The Yurt

Real Name: Vlastimock Bogoff

Occupation: Glorious worker in the People's Potato Collective, Commieslavia

Identity: Nobody is going to recognise him now he's twenty feet tall, covered in razor-sharp rocks, and drawn by Don Heck on a bad scratchy pen day.

Group Affiliation: The Purveyors of Peril, at least until he forgets.

Base of Operations: Nobody wants this guy in their backyard. Things would get broken.

First Appearance: Lair Legion vol 2 (Heroes Retouched) #9

History: After the accident with the radioactive spillage and the exploding potato picker, mild-mannered Vlastimock Bogoff gained the proportional strength and intelligence of a Russian peasant hut. He then went on a senseless rampage because frankly that's the way these things work, and he damn near destroyed the current Lair Legion lineup before the Hooded Hood recruited him to come to the mainstream continuity to have another go.

Height: Twenty feet high, about thirty feet wide. And uuuuuglyyyyy!!!

Eyes: Well, he seems to be able to see well enough to pull the heads of heroes, but damned if I know how.

Hair: He wishes.

Strength Level: The stupider he gets, the stronger he gets. And he's pretty stupid.

Known Superhuman Powers: He's big, he's strong, and ground-zero nuclear explosions give him a headache. He's a hot contender for the Doomsday Pointlessly Strong Impossible Villain Award this year.