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Sat Aug 07, 2004 at 04:28:40 am EDT
Oh oh..And i thought you have enough to handle with what you have now...Info about Yo-planet fo newbies too
Actually I need them very much. Please give them to me. :)

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Sat Aug 07, 2004 at 12:41:21 am EDT

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Don't do it for me, eh?...I think you really have a huge cast already...But if you really really want to use them here they are. They appeared first time in Yo-Quest when the legionaires went to Yo-planet

Yo and Yi are already there. And of course Yerk/Lola is another one, however evil.


NOSOTROS: leader in a non-political way, s/he is more the voice who speaks the thoughts of the planet.

Others are : Ella, Tu, La, El, Vosotros, Ellos...those are the ones named..They are whatever they think they are similar to Yo.


Yo-planet (=Tierra) is the oldest being and most loved one, together with Agua, Lago, Mar, Arbol, etc, etc...these beings don't move...has lost their capacity being very old beings and form their planet...For example, "Agua" means water and can be found laying across the planet...S/he can only "think" in lakes, turbulences, etc...that is, watery things..

And I think that is all...Rabito is a Yo-being from the happy place, wher it was thought by Visi with Yi helps, and s/he is the most special being because wasn't created or thought the normal way. Has the same powers than others but not the same intellect (I blame his creator )

Yo beings can merge their thoughts, being a terrible force of the nature when they do...I would bet that like the nature, they don't have to be specially good not bad when merged...so they don't do it too often... Yo-beings are basically “good”, however is not “good” what one would apply to them. They have different standards to us. There are grumpy Yo-beings, or sweet, or caring, cheeky, etc. Yo is the most complete having most of the attributes together in one being

Ok, that is all

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