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> Hello,
> Can someone give me some info of the now defunct (as far as I know) Yellow Flashlights? Any & all info would be helpful.
> L!

First lets look at the History....

* The GardenSmurfs, the oldest Parodyverse alien race, build a great civilization on the planet Owna.

* A coalition of planets petitions the Second Oldest Alien Race to stop Galactivac. They turn to the GardenSmurfs for help. This alien race uses its vast power to create the Yellow Flashlight Corps. Representatives from all over the Universe gain a Power-Thimble and start to protect their sectors of space.

* The Yellow Flashlight Corps battle Galactivac to a standstill. 600 YF’s die in the battle. The rest retreat.

* A member of the Yellow Flashlight Corps rebels. He is sent to the Anti-Matter world called Quack in another Universe.

* The GardenSmurfs send out the Yellow Flashlight Corps to find and stop the Hero Feeders.

* The Hero Feeders decimate the Yellow Flashlight Corps. The GardenSmurfs call on the Second Oldest Living Race to help defeat the Feeders. The remaining Yellow Flashlights fight to the very end. During the Battle, one of the GardenSmurfs rebels against his brothers and sends three YF’s through time to the future, so that at least three will survive. Since this Rebel GardenSmurf is weak he winds up sending all three to three different eras. During this conflict the Main Duracell Battery on the planet Owna was destroyed when the GardenSmurfs poured all there remaining power into it. They were killed while a fragment of that power flew through space as a burning yellow meteor. The Hero Feeders then clashed with the Second Oldest Living Race, the greatest galactic empire then seen, whose very name they consumed along with half a million worlds. But this empire's dying act was to forge a weapon to destroy their enemy, and to trigger that terrible device in their final moments. Almost all the Hero Feeders were decimated, and now they lurk at the fringes of the Vortex, picking easy prey and foraging in Comic-Book Limbo.

* Circa 1911: The first of the three Yellow Flashlights, Ab’n Surrup, arrives in this year. Begins his lone defense of the galaxy.

* Circa 1962: Yellow Flashlight Ab’n Surrup crash lands on Earth. He gives his Flashlight Battery and Power Thimble to Jordan Howl as he dies from the crash. Howl becomes the new Yellow Flashlight.

* During the time of the CrazySugarCosmicIconoclastCollective!, the general feeling in space was that if you didn’t belong to some kind of heroic heritage, like the CSCIC! or the Captain Marbles legacy, you amounted to nothing. Jordan Howl becomes very famous as he took on such foes as Hector Hameater, Hollywood Star and Greenface.

* Jordan Howl was ruined as his life fell apart. He walked away from the responsibility of being a Yellow Flashlight. Stew Johnson, an African American policeman finds the Power Thimble and Flashlight Battery in a dumpster and becomes the new Yellow Flashlight.

* Circa 1968: The Plant People kill Stew Johnson, the Yellow Flashlight, this sends Mr. Amazing back into retirement. Before he goes though, he gives Stew’s Flashlight Battery and Power Thimble back to Jordan Howl.

* Circa 1969: the CrazySugarCosmicIconoclastCollective! nearly destroyed the universe, but instead it was disbanded. This leaves Ma-Balonii as the sole Protector of the Universe because the Yellow Flashlight decides to stay on Earth. This same year a new CrazySurgarHero appeared on Earth.

* Circa ten years ago: the Valiant Vanguard disbanded due to awful circumstances when the Renaissance Man led the majority of the Valiant Vanguard into an ambush that became wholesale slaughter. Yellow Flashlight dies, his Power Thimble destroyed and his Flashlight Battery taken by the Omnisoul for later. Some heroes survived but most were either injured so badly that the prospect of their returning to the superhero life became something of a medical impossibility, OR they were so emotionally traumatized by the loss of their teammates that they hung up the capes and cowls for good. Among those who retired permanently was the Renaissance Man himself, who decided that he had no business playing at costumed crime-fighting, and instead returned to his scientific researches. His ex-wife, the Fashion Fairy also decided to turn away from heroics as well.

* The bird like To-maR-Us of the planet Yougotit, one of the three Yellow Flashlights from the past, gives his Power Thimble and Flashlight Battery to an Earth woman.


Ok, that earth woman was a story writen by Andy but he never finished it and she disipeard into obscurity.

As of right now there are no Yellow Flashlights active. THAT WILL CHANGE in Crisis. They're coming back.

Amazing Guy

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