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Thursday, 20-May-1999 15:29:47 writes:


    Pegasus: Let's see. She can transform into a horse with wings, meaning she can fly. She can also sprout wings in human form. According to Peg, she also has the ability to shoot fire and energy bolts from the wings.

    The Late Great Donald Blake: Blake is super strong and is bullet proof. He also carries a cane with which he can project energy bolts. He can also fly. Plus, he has the ability to fire "Late Rays" at people. Late rays are deadly beams that cause a person's metabolism to slow down when struck by one. If the effect does not leave quickly, it will cause its victim to die.

    The Man Who Wasn't There: This mysterious being has many abilities, including teleportation, intangibility, and the power to go invisible, making him a being who "isn't there". His intangibility also allows him to pass through walls, floors, and ceilings.

    Venom: He basically has the powers of Marvel Comics Venom. These powers include super strength, wall climbing, web shooting, razor sharp claws, nasty teeth, and saliva that is as deadly as acid.

    Wonderbooster: He has every single power and ability that Wonderman has. Super strength, invulnerablility, etc.

    Subsitute Grim Reaper: Like the real GR, he has a large variety of weapons to use. His scythe is not only good for hacking, but can project a stun bolt so powerful that it can knock out a whole room of super heroes.

    Dr. Moo: Lets see. She carries an array of dairy related weapons. Oddly enough, Moo can control a person's digestive system. If a person has a dairy product in their stomach, Moo can use some sort of Dark side of the force power to make the product make the person's stomach a pit from hell. If she uses this power long enough, the stomach will explode, making a very big mess. Oh yeah, one more thing. According to Sersi, Moo has a type of gas that makes people forget who they are and a gun that can change a person's sex.

    Jam: His foul tongue can make one go deaf, blind, and cause a person's ears to bleed.

    Uatu: Hrrm....I myself am not familier with Uatu's powers. Jarvis was the one who first introduced him to the team, and probably is the only poster who knows Uatu's powers. *note* Jarvis also placed Wonderbooster and Jam on the team.

    I hope this has been....helpful.

    Baron Zemo

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