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Fri May 14, 2004 at 06:55:16 pm EDT
Help receieved!
This is a great series Jay! I'm really enjoying it. Help needed.....

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Fri May 14, 2004 at 05:49:41 pm EDT

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Direct from my "cheat sheet" I keep next to my comp while writing Prodigy so I keep everyone's stories straight.

Hat Trick - Stacey Boaz - Daughter of Hatman and Sorceress
SugarHighTeenSupreme - Nancy Foxglove - Adopted daughter of CrazySugarFreakBoy!
Slingshot - Nate (last name unrevealed as of yet) - Nephew of Trickshot
Transit - Deanna Katz - Daughter of Goldeneyed and Lisette
CrazySugarFreakBoy! - Team leader

The Lair Legion (at this time)
Goldeneyed - Team leader
Trickshot - Deputy leader
Lisette - Part time Legionaire, runs legal department
Messenger - Not dark Messy, happy go-lucky as in his first appearances

Hatman - Director of Heroic Operations for LL and Prodigy (note: does not go by Hatman anymore as he is not an active superhero)
Al B. Harper - Technological/Maintenance Director

At the moment this is everybody (as I haven't revealed what everyone's up to yet). As for the year, I haven't nailed it down but around 2020 sounds about right.

Hope this helps!


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