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Good Story, worth waiting for! But...
Crisis on Infinite Parodyverses Part 1: The Signs of the Times

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From the Story: "A series of pictures on the wall show Len Bookmaker, an unnamed IOL Librarian, both Lee Bookman’s teen age clone and alternate reality version, Todd (one of the first IOL Librarians in our sector of space), Delbert Wordsmith (IOL Librarian during the Victorian Era on Earth) and Steven Books."

This may or may not be possible to show, unless your the Hooded Hood. Due to some recons in time, none of these people may have existed.

EXPLAINATION: After Lee died, Len showed up, then there was a recon in time that changed everything. No one who was or were a Librarian on the Earth Moon at the point in time, they were no longer Librarians. It was just the unnamed Librarian.

So, In The Hooded Hood's Lair there was a Lee Bookman (He was taken for shortly before he died). The Hooded Hood had him there for a contest. But after the contest, He had Lee stick around to be his Librarian. So, sometime later, Len appeared in the Library (This was after he died). He met Lee & some confussion happened (Lee didn't know Len & Len thought Lee was dead). Shortly there after they met the Unamed Librarian. He didn't know them & they didn't know him.

The Hooded Hood had brought them together to find out who was the greatest Librarian. Using his Portal of Prentiousness, He sent them to (I think) Comic Book Limbo. They faught a bit, but in the end desided to work together. Just before returning, they merged into one being. When the being returned to the Hooded Hood's Lair, the being called it's self "Lee Bookman", since he seemed to be the major influance on that being's look, but it also sort of look like Len. The Uniform "Lee" now wore was a mixure of Lee's & Len's. Also, "Lee" now had super powers, which he has used since then (Those powers came from the Unnamed Librarian).

So, after leaving the Hooded Hood, yet another recon in time happened. Everyone remembered Lee as being a Librarian, but not Len, or the Unnamed One. In a yet untold story, Lee went & got A.L.F.RED back. The Moon Public Library had also changed looks to be a mixure of the Lee's Version, Len's Version & the Unnamed One's Version. It had an A.I. that was a mixure of all past A.I.'s from the MPL's.

In this current Timeline, who the past Librarians were are kind of iffy. So, I'm not sure Lee could have any of those pictures.

(Also, The reason why I didn't want a de-aged Lee for the "Follies of Youth" story, was that if he was de-aged, he might have been split into 3 younger people, which would be bad. I don't have Lee's past story figured out. So, I wouldn't want to try to come out with 2 others.)

Also, Lee only had one Teenage Clone. He did have another Clone, who turned out to be a Cyborg. But, I'm not sure if they exsisit anymore.


Also from the Story: "De Brown Streak was zooming a partially invisible guy (who readers would recognize as Ben Hermes, the Semi-Transparent Lad) from a burning Gulp 'N Go."

Why is De Brown Streak, not Sonic Boom saving Ben Hermes ? Sonic Boom has similar powers & is a local hero. He also knows Ben. Also, why are Ben's powers acting up ?

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