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Pierson's Porter - a character summary with bonus "Enemy of the World" retcons and updates!
Tuesday, 27-Jul-1999 06:43:09 writes:

    Here’s my part for the writer’s guide to the Parodyverse (which I know almost nothing about, someone please fill me in).

    At the end of the backstory section, there are some “Enemy of the World” retcons, know them and love them.

    And Hatty, E-mail me, we’ll talk about that Tag-team...


    Pierson’s Porter

    Appearance: PP’s human body was constructed to be the most average and forgettable late-20’s American male WASP. (Average in the comic book unrealistically muscular sense)

    Powers: PP has no real super-powers other than his alien perspective (skewed towards the self-interested manipulation of others) and his alien Kirby-tech weapons

    Tasp, a device that stimulates the brain’s pleasure center (similar to Starfox’s power, but much, much more powerful). It is the most addictive drug ever and a few exposures can cause some one to be hopelessly addicted.

    Flashlight-lazer, which looks like a flashlight with a green beam which can vary in width (pinhole to CD size) and intensity (40 WATT light bulb to steel cutting lazer)

    Varible Sword, which has a flashlight-shaped handle and a small ball “floating” three feet from it. An invisibly thin wire connects the handle and ball, which is in a localized stasis field (that means that it can cut through damn near anything).

    Super Conductor, Cloth-like substance that perfectly conducts heat (it is assumed that this will be useful at some point)

    Personal space ship, a well-equipped Kirby-tech ship than seats four and can travel across the planet or through space.

    Character: PP was raised to believe that he was inferior to the rest of his race, this created an inferiority complex.
    When he first came to Earth PP was eager to prove himself, so he single-mindedly carried out his mission. Then he was betrayed by his race and abandoned on Earth. He has been experiencing Earth’s culture, sights, and inhabitants, and, with few exceptions, he has been unimpressed (to say the least).
    So, he is trapped on a world (that he still isn’t all that familiar with) where he is smarter than everyone else after being raised to view himself as inferior. This is creating a slowly growing superiority complex...

    Backstory: PP belongs to a powerful star-spanning non-humanoid race called the Puppeteers. They had highly advanced technology, powerful enough to move planets. They earned their name, each Puppeteer was a skilled manipulator and their long life spans allowed them to wait decades for a plan to come to fruition. Approximately one percent of the 100 billion Puppeteers are known as “shortsights,” (such as PP) which means that their intelligence and ability to manipulate is significantly less than that of other Puppeteers (yet still greater than most humans). Puppeteers also have an extreme fear of death (although it is lessened in shortsights)

    Puppeteer scientists discovered that Earth’s satellite (the moon) had unusually weak barriers between this dimension and one “on the other side of death,” (this being due to the Grim Reapers base there) and that, with the proper tools, the Puppeteers could open a rift and take their planets through, thereby making all Puppeteers immortal. Plans were laid. Engines were started. The Puppeteers started their Triad of planets on a course toward Earth. Several hundred years later, Pierson’s Porter was born.

    PP’s father was the Hindmost, the leader of the Puppeteers, and was constantly under attack for having an inferior son. As the Triad entered Sol’s (our sun’s) solar system an agent was needed to make preparations on Earth. Pierson, a puppeteer whose glory days were behind him, was chosen. The Hindmost’s son was sent to assist him (making him Pierson’s Porter). PP saw it as a chance to prove himself and all shortsights. The Hindmost knew that if PP stayed on the Triad he would be killed (shortsights were considered unworthy of immortality and all were killed soon after PP left).

    Just before P and PP landed on Earth, Pierson was killed. The tasks fell on PP. Eager to prove himself he quickly addicted LL chairwoman Lisa to the Tasp and joined the LL. He got them to help destroy Zemo’s Extraterrestrial defenses. He then abandoned the LL and tasp addicted Lisa to secure eight gems which, when combined, gave access to the dimension “beyond death.” Each had one of the Grim Reaper’s henchmen to guard it. PP manipulated Jarvis to help secure the last gem.

    The Grim Reaper took Lisa and cured her of her addiction and professed his love. Lisa agreed to marry him (it is unknown if she was influenced by GR). Jarvis went to Lisa and “killed” the Grim Reaper. He thought he saved her; she thought he destroyed her one chance at happiness.

    PP sent the gems to the Triad. Having alienated the LL he spent the time with the Scourge at Oceania. As the Triad approached Earth, its gravitational pull affected Earth’s oceans creating huge flooding and storms. The LL was hard pressed to ease the damage inflicted.

    As the Triad closed in on Earth the Grim Reaper returned to stop the puppeteers. The Hindmost returned PP’s ship and told him he was staying on Earth until he died. The Triad powered their machines to break the dimensional Barrier around the moon. The Grim reaper took action. There was a Brilliant flash of light. The Moon, the Triad, and the Grim Reaper all had disappeared. Except for a few Puppeteers who had come to Earth before PP on scouting missions and had stayed (Puppeteers considered them to be corrupted by Earth’s Culture), PP was the last Puppeteer (in this dimension, at least).

    Calm returned to Earth. The storms dissipated and the oceans settled, without even tides to disrupt them. Then, three weeks after the Moon disappeared, a new Moon appeared, only this one was dark and foreboding. Its mysteries remain hidden.

    PP, having been abandoned by his people, attempted to settle in on Earth. He has found the human race to be his intellectual inferior, and, apart from brief interludes with the enchanting Dr. Moo, he became bored with Earth.

    PP began to toy with casino owners and contest organizers by winning most of their money. He plans to use the money to fund his schemes, assuming he comes up with one.

    PP took a trip to Alaska that he won in a contest, and, upon returning, convinced Dr. Moo to go with him on a dream Honeymoon, which was a prize in another contest. They are currently traveling ‘round the globe.


    That summary is the current state of GR’s Enemy of the World storyline. As he is gone for the summer, I think it best to wait until he comes back to continue it. I will rewrite everything up to the point we left off on and then finish it quickly, instead of making long and drawn out. That should help the story’s impact (if we’re gonna destroy countries, we want a BIG reaction, dammit!).

    So, until further notice the Moon dissapeared, then a new scary one appeared. That’s all anyone knows.

    Also, as far as anyone knows, it was the Grim Reaper that Lisa almost married and then dissapeared. (Unit who?)

    If you have friends in Mexico, Greece, or France, I suggest you call them, you never know what the future holds...

    Pierson's Porter

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